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Symphony No.7, D.729 (Schubert, Franz)

Hi SeuLunga!

I noticed on Homerdundas’ talk page you mentioned you have a facsimile of Schubert's MS of the E major symphony; if and when you get around to scanning it in, it will be the “last” of the symphonies to be available here at IMSLP in some form – hence the red link above! May I ask where you obtained it from?

Symphonies by Franz Schubert
Incomplete sketches

Regards, Philip Legge @ © talk 16:13, 3 December 2008 (AEDT)

Hi there! I ordered a photocopy of the British Museum (which branch I don't recall...)
I'm only waiting for my scanner to get fixed and I'll be uploading it, it will make a fine addition to the collection here...
Incidently, I also have Weingartner's realization, it is quite cheap from Repertoire Explorer, but I don't know if I can upload it. I notice people have uploaded Dover's reprints, and maybe it's the same deal... Weingartner, however, died on 1942. How would that be with UE copyright?
Hi again! Copies of the MS would be freely available, as the copyright review tag would give it V/V/V: verified as PD under Canadian, US, and European law.
As for Weingartner's realisation, the question is: was the work re-typeset or re-edited in 2002, or is it a reproduction of the Universal-Edition printing issued 74 years ago today, in 1934? A re-typeset would not be in the PD anywhere. However, I gather from the Repertoire Explorer website that it is a unaltered reprint, which would mean the work is only PD in Canada. Weingartner died in 1942 so it enters the PD in the EU in 2013. The historic need for renewal of copyright in the US after 28 years is awkward; if it was not renewed when it fell due after 28 years in 1962, then the work would have already entered the PD in the US; if not, then it will enter the PD after 95 years in 2030.
Thus the likely copyright review tag for Weingartner is either: V/V/2013, or V/2030/2013, and is thus well worth uploading – four years isn’t the longest amount of time to wait!
Regards, PML talk 01:30, 5 December 2008 (AEDT)