Hi - this is my first time adding a comment so apologies if I'm messing anything up! I downloaded your pdf of "The Holy City" recently, which is great but is missing a page! Its Page 3 of the actual score... I've found another copy elsewhere but I particularly liked this one because its for solo voice. So, just letting you know.

Thanks for all of your work with these often hard-to-find composers!--Snailey Yell at me 12:41, 28 October 2008 (EDT)


Transcription - The Lost Chord (Kuhe, Wilhelm)

Hello. Please remember to put arrangements and transcriptions on the page for the original work, which in this case is The Lost Chord (Sullivan, Arthur). I've moved it accordingly. Also, Mystic Beauty - veil dance (Finck, Herman) has been moved to Mystic Beauty (Finck, Herman), following our page title rules, which you might like to familiarise yourself with. Thanks — P.davydov 11:23, 20 October 2011 (UTC)

I'll just add - please don't repeat the work title in the file description field. The simple description "Complete Score" should go there unless you happen to be uploading a movement from a larger work. At any rate, thanks for the interesting and unusual items - which are always nice to have available. Best Wishes, Carolus 02:15, 22 October 2011 (UTC)

William Henry Squire (d.1963)

.... Cannot be uploaded to the main server (in Canada) as he is still protected there (died less than 50 years ago). The Slumber Song therefore has been deleted. You will have to either wait until 2014 or ask one of the admins familiar with uploading to the USA server to put it there. Sorry, Carolus 02:28, 22 October 2011 (UTC)

Il bacio (Arditi, Luigi)

Hello again. Please do not attempt to add or change any "|Tags=" to work pages, as there is a dedicated team responsible for making sure they are applied correctly. The change you made on this page caused an error, which we had to fix. Thank you — P.davydov 10:02, 22 October 2011 (UTC)


It is very important that you provide dates for all contributors to any item posted. For example, the light opera by Caryll and Monckton - The Torreador - has some lyrics written by Percy Greenbank, who lived until 1968. This means that the score you posted, while free in the USA (which is entirely dependent upon publication date for determining the copyright term for anything published before 1978), it is still under copyright in Canada (where the main server is hosted) because the last surviving contributor died less than 50 years ago. That's why it had to be deleted. I left the page for the opera up, in case you wish to ask Schissel, Daphnis or one of the other admins who uploads things to the USA server place it there. Sorry, Carolus 08:25, 26 October 2011 (UTC) (IMSLP Copyright Admin)

Sydney Rosenbloom

..Same deal as with Squire above. Don't upload anything by a composer who died after 1961. You can upload Percy Grainger (d.1961) now, for example, since all his work enters the Canadian public domain on January 1st. Carolus 03:54, 3 November 2011 (UTC)

many thanks Carolus! Sorry, I've slipped up on Rosenbloom! What is the situation for example regarding 1920s musicals where the lyricist is, say, Irving Caesar who died in the 1990s so long as you only upload a piano-solo selection i.e. without any of Caesar's contributions at all? regards, Adam

As long as you don't include any lyrics by the author who died after 1961, it should be OK, provided the composer and the arranger (if present) also died before that date. Ira Gershwin (d.1986) is a very common trap people fall into. Since his brother George died in 1937, those in nearly every country except the USA assume all of his songs are free - not the case. BTW, we use "ca." for circa - chiefly because many users assume "c." stands for "copyright" and that the item is not public domain. Carolus 03:01, 15 November 2011 (UTC)


Hello Adam. Please do not put the same file on two different pages, as you've done recently with some of the Oury transcriptions. They belong only on the page for the work that's being arranged, unless these are it is a free-form fantasia or paraphrase on themes from an earlier work, which qualifies as a new works under the arranger's name.

Oury's transcription The Power of Love is an arrangement of a vocal work "sung by Miss Louisa Pyne", which doesn't seem to fit with the orchestral score from the ballet Le Diable amoureux by Napoléon Henri Reber, so I've left it on its own page until the source can be identified with certainty — P.davydov 17:31, 16 November 2011 (UTC)

Naila Concert Paraphrase (Dohnányi, Ernő), for example, really does not qualify as an original work by Dohnányi. It's really a concert arrangement of the well-known Waltz. If you go to Dohnányi's category page, you will note that it (the ballet La Source) appears there as an arrangement by him. Note how we've used the {{LinkArr|Ernő|Dohnányi}} template in the arranger field, which generates this result. Only rarely does an arrangement depart so much from the original that it arguably qualifies as a new work. You're starting to add a fair number of items here, so now we'll attempt to show you some of the tools and tricks which have been developed over time to deal with issues like arrangements. Also, for publisher citations, we try to include the plate prefix and/or suffixes - which helps in dating things that are not dated directly. So, the form of publisher citation we use is City: Publisher Name, Ed.### (if present and different than plate number), date (if present, otherwise "n.d." with estimated date). Plate (prefix, if present) #### (suffix, if present). Carolus 01:57, 17 November 2011 (UTC)

Hi Carolus, many thanks for this info on where to properly place arrangements in IMSLP! I have a very large collection and I'm gradually working through updating my catalogue and each day add something or other to a pile for scanning and sharing via IMSLP. Personally I've discovered many pieces in IMSLP I'd previously hunted for years without success so it's a small way of giving something back. This evening I've uploaded a concert polonaise by Henry Geehl - who died over 50 years ago - however the system doesn't think so ....have I done something wrong here? many thanks, Adam

Hi, Gheel will enter the Canadian public domain on January 1st, so you can upload anything of his first published before 1962. Copyright terms always extend to the end of the calendar year - so even though Gheel died early in 1961, the copyright extends to December 31, 2011. Carolus 04:10, 18 November 2011 (UTC)

Czardash Princess

I saw you uploaded section from operetta. If you have other sections, can you upload them, I'm desperate to find them. Thanks in advance.