Ward Lock & Co.

cover ca 1880



Ebenezer Ward and George Lock stared this firm in 1854 in Fleet Street, London. It was mainly a book publisher: for example Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management (1860s-). The Red Guides, (1880-) and many famous works of fiction, such as Arthur Conan Doyle's novels (1890s). The musical scores they published were several song books such as a new edition of Moore's Irish Melodies (ca.1880).
In 1964, the business split in two, creating Ward Lock Educational Ltd, which was bought by Cassell Publishing in 1989. By the early 90’s, Cassell was acquired by Orion Publishing Group.


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  • Ward and Lock – 1852 to 1891
  • Ward, Lock & Tyler (from 1865 to 1873[2])
  • Ward, Lock and Bowden Company – 1891 to 1893
  • Ward Lock and Bowden Ltd. – 1893 to 1897
  • Ward Lock & Co. Ltd. – 1897 to present


  • London

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