Wickins & Co.

early pictorial cover 1885
Grosvenor Album cover ca. 1895
Tutorial cover ca. 1910
Pianoforte Literature cover ca. 1900



Wickins & Co. published popular music from about 1885 until about 1905, when it was bought by Bosworth & Co.. The catalog contained mainly popular works, in several long series:

  • Grosvenor College Albums: for voice and piano, including Drawing Room Operas, over 40 albums.
  • Wickins' Violin Literature: original pieces by Henry Tolhurst, Horace Poussard and Carati as well as arrangements and classics, totaling over 100 items.
  • Rapid Methods: for various instruments.
  • Wickins' Pianoforte Literature: over 400 items by classic and modern composers.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Wickins & Co.


  • London, 41 New Bond Street

Plate Numbers

Wickins' plate numbers appear in the format of #### or Wickins & Co. ####. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
2236 Kellerman Danse des sorcières
2407 Carati Easy Mandoline Tutor
2807 Beaupuis Romance
3013 Rawlings Donetta 1902

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