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Decorative cover (1888)
Typical cover (1896)



This has remained a family firm through four generations, and through some of the most turbulent years in central European history.
The firm was first founded 1876 in St. Petersburg, Russia as a music store by a German, Julius Heinrich Zimmermann (1851-1923). The principal place of business was moved to Leipzig in 1886, though branch offices were retained in St. Petersburg and Moscow, renamed Lemberg, Le Cayet & Co. just before the first world war. However, the Russian branches were confiscated by the Soviet regime in 1919. The company management was taken over by the founder's son Wilhelm (1891-1946) after Julius Heinrich's death in 1923. The Russian connection was not forgotten, however, and Medtner was favored, among other emigre Russians, along with light music between the wars. In 1928 the music publishing business was legally separated from the other businesses, using the name Wilhelm Zimmermann.
Having survived the 2nd world war, the Leipzig business was nationalized by the communist regime in the new "German Democratic Republic" in 1953, and so the firm moved to Frankfurt am Main. The post-war directors were Edith Hart-Krieckler (Wihelm Zimmermann's widow) (1946-1975) Maja-Maria Reis (Edith Hart-Krieckler's daughter) (1975-2000) and finally Cornelia Großmann (Maja-Maria Reis's daughter)(2000-present).

Imprints, Agencies, Addresses

Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
1047-1048 Michaelis Neue Praktische Schule für das Harmonium, Op.14 1888
1208 Reinecke Trauermarsch, Op.200 (full score) 1888
1282 Köhler Marsch der Aengstlichen, Op.37 1888
1285 Köhler Echo, Op.40 1888
1323 Terschak Russian Rhapsody, Op.176 1888
1351-1366 Reinecke Von der Wiege bis zum Grabe, Op.202 1888
1468 Erlanger Violin Sonata, Op.44 1890
2094 Andersen Allegro Militaire, Op.48 1894
2348 Terschak Schneeflocken, Op.197 1897
2356 Büchner Flute Concerto No.1, Op.38 (flute, piano vers.) 1896
2676 Büchner Flute Concertino, Op.40 (flute, piano vers.) 1898
2944 Balakirev Symphony No.1 in C major 1899
2997 Sarasate Zortzico Miramar, Op.42 1899
3363 Lvov Undina (1901)
3700 Büchner Flute Concerto No.4, Op.51 (flute/piano vers.) 1903
4085 Büchner Flirt, Op.53 1904
4214 Krantz Suite for Flute and Piano 1904
4275 Balakirev Overture on Czech Themes 'In Bohemia' 1906
4310 Achron Coquetterie, Op.15 1906
4522 Rössler Flute Sonata in E major, Op.15 (score) 1907
4555 Poenitz Spukhafte Gavotte, Op.75 1907
4633 Lyapunov Piano Sonata, Op.27 1908
4692 Balakirev Suite pour Orchestre sur 4 Morceaux de Chopin 1909
4727 Büchner Flute Concerto No.8, Op.64 (flute and piano reduction) 1910
4776 Dizi Sonate-pastorale 1909
4815 Lyapunov Piano Concerto No.2, Op.38 (arr. for 2 pianos) 1910
4880 Lyapunov Fêtes de Noël, Op.41 1910
4903 Lyapunov Chant du crépuscle, Op.22 1904
5230 Lyapunov Scherzo, Op.45 1905(?)
5252 Mozart Violin Concerto No.3 in G major, K.216 (cadenza by Aulin) 1912
5663 Klughardt Die Zerstörung Jerusalems, Op.75 arrangement of Gebet only 1902
10109 Aulin Albumblatt 1914
10259 Juon Piano Trio No.3, Op.60 1915
10497 Lyapunov 6 Morceaux façiles, Op.59 1919
10902 Rorich Wind Quintet, Op.58 (sc&pts) 1921
11043-45 Albert Solo Guitar Studies 1922
11155 Jemnitz Flute Trio, Op.19 1924
11168 Juon Flute Sonata, Op.78 (score&pt) 1924
11215 Medtner Piano Concerto No.2, Op.50 (2-piano reduction) (1928)

Musikverlag Zimmermann (post-1952?)

Prefix ZM. Frankfurt am Main.

Plate Composer Work Year
2085 Hessenberg Quartettino for Flutes, Op.99 (sc&pts) [1978]
2086 Hessenberg Lu-di : Suite für Flöte und Klarinette, Op.101 (sc&pt) 1978
2582 Hessenberg Swegala-Fantasy, Op.111 (fl/vc/pf) (sc&pts) 1986

Authority control

  • VIAF (Jul. Heinr. Zimmermann (Firm))
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