12 Piano Trios (Haydn, Joseph)

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PDF scanned by US-R
Coulonnus (2012/3/2)

PDF scanned by US-R
Coulonnus (2012/3/2)

PDF scanned by US-R
Coulonnus (2012/3/2)

Publisher. Info. Mainz: Schott, n.d. Plate 20210-21.
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Piano Trios by Joseph Haydn (Hob. XV)

 Piano Trio in G minor, Hob.XV:1

 Piano Trio in F major, Hob.XV:2

 3 Piano Trios, Op.40 (Hob.XV:3-5)

1. C major, Hob.XV:3
2. F major, Hob.XV:4
3. G major, Hob.XV:5

 3 Piano Trios, Op.43 (Hob.XV:6-8)

1. F major, Hob.XV:6
2. D major, Hob.XV:7
3. B major, Hob.XV:8

 3 Piano Trios, Op.27 (Hob.XV:9-10)

1. A major, Hob.XV:9
2. F major, Hob.XV:2 (re-published in this set)
3. E major, Hob.XV:10

 3 Piano Trios, Op.57 (Hob.XV:11-13)

1. E major, Hob.XV:11
2. E minor, Hob.XV:12
3. C minor, Hob.XV:13

 Piano Trio in A major, Hob.XV:14

 2 Piano Trios, Op.67 (Hob.XV:15-16)

1. G major, Hob.XV:15
2. D major, Hob.XV:16

 Piano Trio in F major, Hob.XV:17

 3 Piano Trios, Op.36 (Hob.XV:18-20)

1. A major, Hob.XV:18
2. G minor, Hob.XV:19
3. B major, Hob.XV:20

 3 Piano Trios, Op.71 (Hob.XV:21-23)

1. C major, Hob.XV:21
2. E major, Hob.XV:22
3. D minor, Hob.XV:23

 3 Piano Trios, Op.82 (Hob.XV:24-26)

1. D major, Hob.XV:24
2. G major, Hob.XV:25 (Gypsy)
3. F minor, Hob.XV:26

 3 Piano Trios, Op.86 (Hob.XV:27-29)

1. C major, Hob.XV:27
2. E major, Hob.XV:28
3. E major, Hob.XV:29

 Piano Trio in E major, Hob.XV:30

 Piano Trio in E minor, Hob.XV:31

 Piano Trio in G major, Hob.XV:32

 Piano Trio in D major, Hob.XV:33

 Piano Trio in E major, Hob.XV:34

 Piano Trio in A major, Hob.XV:35

 Piano Trio in E major, Hob.XV:36

 Piano Trio in F major, Hob.XV:37

 Piano Trio in B major, Hob.XV:38

 Piano Trio in F major, Hob.XV:39

 Piano Trio in F major, Hob.XV:40

 Piano Trio in G major, Hob.XV:41

 Piano Trio in C major, Hob.XV:C1