75 Eight-bar Studies in Pianoforte Technique (Dennée, Charles)

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PDF scanned by Unknown
Carl Olaf Figen... (2019/6/24)

Editor Charles Dennée
Publisher. Info. New York: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1913. Plate 10011-41.
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General Information

Work Title 75 Eight-bar studies in pianoforte technique for the intermediate grades in progressive order
Alternative. Title
Composer Dennée, Charles
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 75 studies:
  1. Grenzebach: Allegro (C major)
  2. Hofmann: Allegro risoluto, Op.72 No.2 (C major)
  3. Lynes: Allegro (D major)
  4. Wilm: Allegro moderato (C major)
  5. Foote: Allegretto (C major)
  6. Wolff: Allegretto con moto [for left or right hand] (G major)
    L. H. Also practise with R. H.; also both hands in unison.
  7. Wachs: Allegro vivace (E major)
  8. Biehl: Vivace (C major)
  9. Raff: Allegro, WoO.36 No.1 (C major)
  10. Biehl: Allegro risoluto (D major)
  11. Le Couppey: Allegretto (C major)
  12. Dennée: Allegro vivace (E major)
  13. Wilm: Allegro vivace (F major)
  14. Mozart: Allegretto (D major)
  15. Henning: Moderato (C major)
  16. Eggeling: Allegretto (D major)
  17. Hofmann: Allegretto ma non troppo, Op.72 No.15 (E minor)
  18. Reinhold: Allegretto (B minor)
  19. Mozart: Allegro (D major)
  20. Beethoven: Allegro (G major)
  21. Biehl: Allegro non troppo (C major)
  22. Gurlitt: Con moto (G major)
  23. Maylath: Vivace (G major)
  24. Brandts Buys: Allegro (C major)
  25. Cramer: Moderato con espressione (F minor)
  26. Dennée: Allegro moderato after Czerny (B major)
  27. Wallenstein: Andante ma non troppo (F minor)
  28. Chwatal: Allegro con fuoco (C major)
  29. Raff: Allegro, WoO.36 No.8 (A minor)
  30. Strelezki‎ (as Esipoff): Allegro con fuoco (C minor)
  31. Faelten: legato sempre (C major)
  32. Eggeling: Allegro risoluto (C major)
  33. Czerny: Vivace (F major)
  34. Grenzebach: Allegro moderato (A minor)
  35. Gurlitt: Allegretto (C major)
  36. Gregoir: Allegro molto con spirito (D minor)
  37. Schmoll: Allegro vivace (G major)
  38. Cramer: Allegro assai (E minor)
  39. K.A. Krebs: Allegro energico (D minor)
  40. K.A. Krebs: Allegro (C major)
  41. Christensen: Allegro giusto [for left hand] (G major)
  42. Haberbier: Allegro non troppo (A minor)
  43. Cramer: Allegro moderato (G major)
  44. Loeschhorn: Allegretto (E major)
  45. Mayer: Allegro (C major)
  46. Schmoll: Allegro scherzando (E minor)
  47. Hasert: Allegro moderato (E minor)
  48. Czerny: Presto (C major)
  49. Harthan: Allegro vivace (E major)
  50. Brauer: Allegro molto (C major)
  51. Viole: Allegretto (D minor)
  52. Köhler: Allegro comodo (C major)
  53. Dennée: Allegro assai (D major)
  54. Hasert: Maestoso (D major)
  55. Mayer: Allegro (A major)
  56. Cramer: Allegro agitato (G minor)
  57. Chauvet: Con moto e grazioso (B minor)
  58. Lachner: Toccata in F major, Op.57 No.2. Allegro vivace (excerpt)
    This study and the one following may be combined into one.
  59. Lachner: Toccata in F major, Op.57 No.2. Allegro vivace (excerpt)
    (D.C. if combined with No.58)
  60. Jensen: Allegro (E major)
  61. Czerny: Vivace (A minor)
  62. Hasert: Tempo giusto (C major)
  63. Schwalm: Allegro vivace (F major)
  64. Nowakowski: (F minor)
  65. Adapted from Czerny: Molto Allegro (A minor)
  66. Kleinmichel: Allegro non troppo (G major)
  67. Mayer: Lento con espressione (A major)
  68. Czerny: Molto Allegro (A minor)
  69. Paradies: Presto (A minor)
  70. Dennée: Allegro scherzando (G major)
    (after Chopin: Scherzo No.2, Op.31)
  71. Czerny: Allegro con fuoco (E minor)
  72. Krebs: Allegro non tanto (D minor)
  73. Cramer: Prestissimo (B major)
  74. Dennée: Allegro (A major)
  75. Dennée: Allegro comodo (B major)
First Publication. 1913
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation piano