IMSLP:Add Composer Special Page Translations

In order to create a new translation of the Add Composer form:

  1. Create a page entitled MediaWiki:IMSLPAddComposerForm/xx, replacing the letters 'xx' with the appropriate language code.
    If you can't create such a page: add a new section at the bottom of this page instead. An admin will then copy your translation to the appropriate page.
  2. Copy the code from the "Original English" section below to the page or section which you have just created.
  3. Translate only the part on the right of the vertical bar on each line.

Original English

* acpage|Add Composer
* acname|Last Name
* aconame|First Name(s)
* acborn|Date of Birth
* acdied|Date of Death
* acbio|Link to Biography (eg Wikipedia)
* acbiodesc|Description of Link (eg. Wikipedia article)
* accat|Time period
* acadd|Submit!
* accaptcha|Captcha picture answer incorrect.