User:Peter M. Armstrong/Biography

Peter McKenzie Armstrong (b.1940)
Education: Harvard College, attended ('59-61). Longy School of Music, Diploma
in Performance ('67). Emerson College, BM ('68). Yale School of Music, MMA in
Performance ('72), DMA on the Late Works of Ferruccio Busoni ('80). University
of North Texas, post-doc residency in Composition and computer music ('84-85).
Studies: Composition with Nicholas Van Slyck, Alexander Goehr, Thomas Clark,
Phil Winsor, Larry Austin; Theory with Randall Thompson, Robert Moevs; Piano
with Gregory Tucker, Artur Balsam, Ernst Lévy, Kyriena Siloti, John Kirkpatrick.
Compositions: 12 Variations in S-Mode ('71) and Mini-Studies on my Surname
('78, rev '11), both for piano solo; Noitnevni Trap-2, and Cycles, both for Syncla-
vier ('86); KRIKOI, Four Pieces on the Opening of Schoenberg's Opus 33a, for
Csound or Duo-Piano ('92), with later offshoots for piano solo ('93, '11); Stuckle,
for flute/guitar ('93, '12); Partita Traverse for Flute Solo, after J.S. Bach ('93);
Additudes! -- Fibonacci/Lucas Mod Cycles set in the Order-21 Perfect Square,
for Csound 'pluck' ('05); Variations on 'Rule, Brittania!' ('07), and Katikaze ('11),
both for piano solo; Dapper '1' and Dreadful '0' ('11), Refractions ('12), CTT-95:
Bus Ride over a Bach Bass ('12), Ostomachion: Wind Chimes from Archimedes'
Box ('13), all auto-sequenced. Most of these are published at IMSLP. The flute
Partita won call-for-scores award performances at CCI, CMS and ARTSPACE.
Algorithms: SetTrans_P generalizes the multiplicative transform through prime-
prime-number octave dimensions; Krikos permutes pitch/duration series through
incremental full rotation of their X/Y graph; IntLens registrates pitch-class series
via 8va offsets selected by interval class -- included among curricular materials,
National Chiao University, Taiwan ('89); Markov generates pitch/duration cycles
via modular additive sequences -- published in Winsor, P. (1990) The Computer
Composer's Toolbox, Windcrest. Ongoing are ad hoc per-project composition
programs. My coding languages are Forth, C, APL & J. At IBIDINC in CT I wrote
the intercommunications test software for Coleco's Talking Cabbage Patch Kids.
Retired in '11 as a 16-yr. Linux Systems Administrator for the Federal Judiciary.
Piano Performances: Town Hall, NY, as winner of Steinway Hall Competition
('52); Concerto with the Philadelphia Orchestra at Worcester MA Festival ('55);
university campus and arts association tours of All-Busoni recital ('78-'79); Alice
Tully Hall, Lincoln Center ('79); National Gallery of Art, DC -- works of Busoni,
Schoenberg, Webern, Ernst Lévy, Ross Lee Finney ('83). Studio recording of
Busoni's 6 sonatinas, with engineer David Hancock, NY ('79). A dozen or so
live-performance tapes from '79-to-'93 are digitized and uploaded to IMSLP.
Teaching: Wesleyan University, Visiting Instrumental Teacher; Trinity College,
Artist in Residence; Midwestern State University, TX, Bolin Chair as Associate
Professor; Neighborhood Music School, New Haven; Hartford Conservatory;
Miss Porter's School, Farmington. (All variously between '70 & '91.)
Affiliations (past/present): ACMA, AMC, AGNULA, ASUC, CMS, CSND, EMF,
ICMA, J, LAD, MDSO, SCI, SEAMUS, SIGAPL, SMCM; served for a season
as president of the Studio of Electronic Music Inc. (SEMI), Simsbury.