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Attaingnant, not a composer

Attaingnant is not a composer, just a publisher. (This comment left by user Couillatris early 30 May 2011.)

actually, from the little I’ve ever really read on the subject?... and I have to admit it was not much- some of the anonymous dances in his collections might have been by him. that said, it has been a sort of standard practice for ages - or maybe until recently??...- to distinguish collections published by just anybody from the early collections published by him , combining music by known composers and music by we-have-no-idea-who, by attributing the collection, if I recall (though not, at least, the known music in it, of course) to Attaingnant, giving him a certain pride of place as one of the first two music publishers. If I understand exactly (the last part I do understand, about Attaingnant and Petrucci - I mean, the rest...) - not sure I do, really... Eric 19:35, 30 May 2011 (UTC)