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Also wrote a

Handbuch der Schachspielkunst (1865 2nd edition) about, I gather, chess. Not unheard of among musicians, of course. Eric 16:28, 29 March 2011 (UTC)

(other works, more musically-directly-related - 2 quintets for clarinet, horn and string trio, the 2nd in E major, op48 pub. 1859. (the other is op.40.)) Eric 02:50, 4 July 2011 (UTC) (extending this list- some of the other string quartets include no.1 in E minor, no.5 in A minor, no.6 in C (1850), no.8 in F, no.9 op.37 and no.10 op.38 (1855), no.11 op.42 and no.12 op.43 (1857), and a 2-cello string quintet (no.3 probably, as the earlier quintets are either nos.1, 2 or not entirely for strings as noted above) op.44 in F (1858). also several orchestral works including I gather 2 symphonies at least - HMB lists one, in C minor, an arrangement published 1848, and also a Festouv. pub. 1853, among other works (and 12 waltzes for piano also). Eric 03:24, 10 July 2011 (UTC)

Re op.44: not given a "no.3" in the listing at the Library of Congress, which has the parts for this work- maybe just "no.1" for the different instrumentation? (published 1858, do not know when composed.) Eric 15:15, 18 December 2011 (UTC) (They also have his opus 1: Lebensbilder in einem cyclus von quartetten für 2 violinen, viola und violoncello componirt von Herrmann Hirschbach. I quartett. Op. 1. ..Faust, die giftphiste ergreifeud. published by Bote & Bock, HMB received in August 1840. Several other quartets of his @LOC have similar titles -

  • Lebensbilder in einem cyclus von quartetten für zwei violinen, viola und violoncelle von Herrmann Hirschbach. Viertes quartett. Des Künstler's einsame stunde. , e.g. Two of the four quartets that Library of Congress has with these titles were composed in 1837. A fifth quartet in their holdings with a briefer title is his quartet no.6 in C. I do not know if the Faust-Quartets are part of his numbered cycle of 13-or-so, or not.