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While Sibley has his Ballade for Horn and Piano, this was written in 1941 and is not PD-US even though it is PD-CA. (Have brought this issue to their attention- I may be mistaken about something or else it may not much longer be on their site. Admittedly, this may be reason for someone in Canada to grab it before they remove it. Or something. Or to find some other source and scan it in, which would be more legitimate ;) ) (Unless the Ballade für Waldhorn is a different piece, but I doubt this?... hrm... apparently it is a different piece- composed in--.... 1943.) (edit: received response reminding me that works published without a copyright notice, at least in that period?... fall under a law in the US that they are in the public domain. yes, I'd forgotten that bit!)

Eric 14:04, 9 November 2010 (UTC)