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at a guess from Hofmeister

L. (very) probably Louis. Eric 03:12, 25 October 2010 (UTC)

Elaborating: a 'HMB' search on L. and Louis Kleinwächter turns up the following works: (by opus)

  1. Overture in E minor (pub. 1839)
  2. Introduction and rondo for violin and piano in A major (1839)
  3. 5 German lieder (1839)
  4. Motet (Salvum fac) (1839)
  5. (published as Louis Kleinwächter) Lied von Blumenhagen: Blume wendet ihre Blicke. (1840)
  6. ?
  7. 6 Gesänge für 4 Männerstimmen (1844)
  8. String Quartet (C major) (1841)

One other work, Op.33, 2 Gesänge f. tiefe Stimme. (1860) is listed. Eric 03:17, 25 October 2010 (UTC)


To explain the relation with Spohr better: according to the link, Spohr mentions in his Autobiography that, during a (early??) performance of his early D minor string quartet (1807?) in which he participated (I think), a baby was born (in the audience? reference is not clear, will have to read actual book!). This baby, he says, went on to become the composer Louis Kleinwächter. If that's the composer we have here (if L.=Louis=the Louis he mentions, the latter equality being likely), then date of birth would be 1807 or after of course; if Spohr is more specific about the date of the concert in his Autobiography than are in their notes (which I think are the notes to the Marco Polo recording of the work), then we have a specific date of birth - assuming the composers are the same, again. Eric 20:28, 25 October 2010 (UTC)