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Opus numbers

Because different works by Krommer often have the same opus number and apparently vice versa, consider also including somewhere (if not doing so already), in the body of the work page, the Padrta (P) number listed in the English Wikipedia article which uniquely identifies works or attempts to? (Eg opus 96 is both the string trio divertimento P XI:1 and a quartet for flute and strings in C- though to be fair that might be someone's cataloguing or publisher-printing misprint for opus 94, P IX:18; I don't know...) Going to scan in quartets op. 68 for strings but it's possible we have them already under a different publisher and opus- will check to make sure this is not so as I can though. Would like to add the P #s to work pages later :) Eric 13:50, 1 October 2010 (UTC)