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Published works by GN Laurenti

Some works by GN Laurenti were apparently indeed published, not just in manuscript, by A. Custode in 1706.

While this may not matter (because of the relevant laws concerning manuscripts- I think they depend in part on when the first performance was or somesuch??... hrm.) the following works by Laurenti have been published in the 20th and 21st centuries in modern editions, fwiw, that I can find out about easily :) -

  1. Ricercare per violino solo (Durand, 1930, ed. Felice Boghen.)
  2. Sonata 12 for 2 violins and bass, in an edition (Bibliotheca musica Bononiensis., Sezione IV. ;, n. 143. published 1974 by A. Forni) reprinting (?) sonatas by various composers brought out by Custode in 1706 but with figured bass realized (I think) by Alberto Colzani (born 1947).
  3. Ricercari e toccate per violino senza basso (Albese con Cassano : Musedita ; Stuttgart : Cornetto, gedruckt in Lizenz von Musedita, ©2009.) (possibly includes the Ricercare above though also perhaps in a new edition; at least, a new editor is named. Presumably the toccate were not in the earlier edition. Editor named for this edition is Alessandro Bares.) Eric 16:21, 3 January 2011 (UTC)