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Revision issues and copyright issues

This is not really a Myaskovsky-specific problem (consider Violin Sonata No.1 (Bax, Arnold) but other even better examples too), but I'm wondering about the US-copyright implications, specifically, of all the revised works, or probably revised works (copyright date lacking, but score seems to match recordings, and no recordings of earlier, unrevised versions seem to exist?...) - uploaded in this category, if I'm not mistaken.
It's hard to say without knowing both versions of the works- anyone ? (maybe the Is. soch. - collected works- has both versions of some of them ) - but the revision work on some might be cosmetic, and on some might be substantial. Even sym. 1 - 1908/21 - won't be PD-US - since the revised version wasn't published until 1929. (Wikipedia.) So- if the revision work is substantial (I think it was with sym. 1- I wouldn't mind seeing the original score scanned in anyway, if someone has it... with copyright page to show that it -was- the original though...)- does that affect things; or does US law care about how much revision is made, or just that it is a revision with perhaps the orchestration, piano writing, ... fiddled about with in one or two places (sometimes no minor thing, I know, especially if the original orchestration was badly chosen- so bad example...)) (Soja Gulinskaja: Nikolai Jakowlewitsch Mjaskowski. Moscow 1981, German version Berlin 1985 may shine some light on how much revision the symphonies underwent - I have no access to a copy and poor German, anyway.) Eric 14:43, 23 September 2010 (UTC)