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Published works

I think I have been misunderstanding the Internet Culturale's indications and taking works to have been unpublished that are merely manuscripts of works that in some cases may have been known to have been published (not that opus numbers prove as much- Ries' A minor symphony was never published and has one, though there is a story behind that...) anyhow, some works that I know were published - the serenade opus 3 for flute, clarinet, bassoon, guitar, and strings (published in 2007 but orig .around 1870); the string quintet op.23 published ca. 1870; a "Marcia di resurrezione, per organo" published in 1934; several operas the Library of Congress has in vocal score (published around 1846,1856,1860); a Magnificat (pub.2009); "Francesca e Paolo : Estasi di due amanti" for piano (pub.1999 in a Ciccolini-edited edition of piano works by various composers); Lacrymosa : Fuga a quattro voci, S.C.T.B., alla Palestrina, Op. 19 (pub.1870); three quartets (ca.1846.) Eric 05:09, 31 March 2011 (UTC) (Hofmeister mentions opp.20 and 23, an operatic potpourri and a duo- will re-check later!)

Further note - to clarify, iirc, the potpourri and duo are w/o opus number, op.20 is a set of Melodie, and wlll recheck what op.23 was. Aldo Ciccolini in 1999 coproduced a set of piano pieces (edition, not recording) with Pappalardo’s work Francesca e Paolo : Estasi di due amanti in the volume. A few piano works by Pappalardo (it’s hard to tell which ones from the description...) were published in 1861 according to the magazine Giornale generale della bibliografia italiana: Volume 1. Eric 23:05, 28 April 2011 (UTC)

Also: under his pseudonym, his opus 2, Paraladopp (S.): Pièce fantastique et allégorique sur : Macbeth, de Verdi. Trio p. Violon (ou Flûte), Alto et Violoncelle. Op. 2., is listed by HMB in 1848. (I begin to think that between the opus no.s in HMB, in Worldcat, and in Internet Culturale, one -could- - whether or not one actually should - form a tentative worklist of manuscript and published works - even with the limited information so far available at least to me :) for after all, that is opus 2- and opus 3 is the first quartet and begins the list of works I know about.). Eric 02:44, 1 May 2011 (UTC) (and then a Quartet for piano, flute, violin and cello under the same pseudonym and once published by Ricordi- plate 500??? - is mentioned in some modern reference works.) actually, seeking Paraladopp in Hofmeister complicates things, then - opus 1: Morceau de Salon sur : Ernani, de Verdi. Quatuor p. Pfte., Flûte, Violon et Violoncelle. Op. 1 ., Ricordi, January 1848. Opus 2: Pièce fantastique et allégorique sur : Macbeth, de Verdi. Trio p. Violon (ou Flûte), Alto et Violoncelle. Op. 2 . also Ricordi, same month. Opus 3: not the quartet, but rather (this reminds me of Holbrooke, whose pseudonym Jean Hanze had independent opus numbers) 2me Morceau de Salon. Quatuor sur : Macbeth, de Verdi, p. Pfte, Flûte, Violon et Vclle. Op. 3 , Feb. 1852 HMB.-ES (the trio op2 - as "op.B"- can be found at a Texas library here - plate Ricordi 20062.)

Quartet no.4 op.18 (composed Naples, 1844)

is now scanned in in manuscript at Internet Culturale (a Google Search or search on the site should find it. They do seem to have changed things so that there's no direct link to the page anymore, though there is an identifier.) Eric 11:25, 7 December 2011 (UTC)