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a few other works

Organ sonata in G minor op.4 ; 6 Sinnsprüche aus des Angelus Silesius Cherubinischer Wandersmann : für eine Singstimme und Klavier, Op.5; Cello symphony op.11 (pub.1915); "Tod und Auferstehung", 2 Motets, Op.14 ; 3 Lieder : für vierstimmigen Frauenchor, Op.15 ; Piano sonata op.28 (pub. 1928 Tischer u. Jagenberg); Mass in D for 3 voices and organ, op.32 (FEC Leuckart, 1920?), piano trio in C op.50; organ sonata in B minor op.68 ; violin sonata, op.71; Divertimento g-Moll für Viola (oder Klarinette in B), Tenorsaxophon (oder Bassklarinette in B, oder Cello) und Klavier, Op.75 ; Mass in C minor (Pustet, 1930 it seems, plate FP 1392), op.76; 6 Triostudien (Divertimento) for organ op.88 ; Sonate zu drei Stimmen, (for organ in D major, pub. L. Schwann, plate 1494) Op.89, Nordisches Fest (for 2 Diskant-Zithers, 1 alto-zither); (may try to compile more later and perhaps even an opus list separate page of the usual sort at some later date - his opus numbers go up to 142 or further. esp. if this helps fill out plate numbers in publisher pages we have.) Eric 00:16, 25 June 2011 (UTC)