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James H. Rogers

Caution: Several works with 'James H. Rogers' on their cover might be by this composer or by James Henderson Rogers (1852-1933), another American composer once known for his band music. A work probably by James Hotchkiss Rogers (a sacred song- I think this Rogers was better known for those) is attributed to James Henderson Rogers at the LOC website- indeed, several are. (The cover only says James H. Rogers; I have written the LOC to ask if there might be a misattribution with at least one of them. Catalogs polled by WorldCat seem to think that the work - the song "They that sow in tears" (pub.1908) is by J Hotchkiss Rogers- though on what grounds, I don't know...) Eric 18:42, 13 October 2010 (UTC)

I have contacted the LoC and gotten a cordial and interesting response (awhile back but now reporting it) about the scores they have with only "James H. Rogers" on frontispiece... Apparently it's quite possible that James Henderson Rogers might have composed the songs in question; the assumption practically every other site I have found makes btw that James Hotchkiss Rogers did so is - an assumption. LoC consulted with their experts before classifying the work- but, I am told, will have a look again... ... interesting. Eric 03:14, 23 October 2010 (UTC) (eating his words.)