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Joseph Louis Sabon (1817-1893) was according to MusicSack a known oboe and saxophone player; therefore, it would make sense for him to have written the 12 Oboe Etudes we have here. (The category was created with the dates 1817-1893.) However, Édouard Sabon was also a musician who wrote technical studies for oboe, which there are copious records of. J.L.S., on the other hand, gets no oboe-related results whatsoever from WorldCat (or anywhere else that I could find). What I think is most likely, therefore, is that MusicSack simply screwed things up and put the entry under the wrong name. Until stronger evidence surfaces, though, I've given their exact dates here with question marks, as this is essentially an educated guess. KGill talk email 21:06, 28 February 2011 (UTC)