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Spoke German probably ("The constitution prepared by this committee, with a German translation of it by Mr. Scherpf, was submitted" - this briefly excerpted from "A handbook of American Music and Musicians", where Scherpf is referred to as (Henry Cood) Watson's associate on the Musical Times at the time (1849).)
An article (a "romance") about Rossini by Scherpf appears in the New York Musical Review and Gazette in 1858 in several parts.
The 1861 American musical directory lists this information, listing him as Secretary of the American Musical Fund Society of New York at its formation in 1849 (the organization whose constitution was under discussion in the preceding), and also still lists him as a teacher (of piano, guitar and singing, in New York, and among composers of music in general and of composers and arrangers of piano music) in 1861. Correspondence with him and John Sullivan Dwight appears in the latter's journal in June 1861, also. Eric 23:24, 28 February 2012 (UTC)