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Any more by Julian Scriabin?

I've known of the existence of these pieces by Julian (Yulian? - first I've ever seen that!) Scriabin for decades, but never thought I'd ever get to see the scores. Are these pieces all that survive by him, or might there be a few others? And where is Op. 1 - lost? This set includes Opp. 2 and 3, one piece without opus number, but no Op. 1.

(And why has the page been renamed Yulian? Aren't non-English-speaking composers' names often Anglicized? Once you start this, where do you stop? Seems a bit confusing to me, or could be if carried out more widely.)

I would be interested to know more about Julian's life. Is anything more known about him than the very slender Wikipedia article on him? What a tragedy he died so young!

Finally, was there an earlier talk page here about him? I seem to remember posting on it, and now it's gone. Do pages here ever get deleted for any reason? However, I may possibly be confusing this with the remark I added to the Wikipedia talk page on Julian some time ago. M.J.E. 16:40, 7 September 2011 (UTC)

We recently reviewed the names used for the Russian composers, which had been problematic, and came up with new guidelines. While English-speaking people often refer to him Julian (and French-speaking ones as "Jules", etc.) he was given the Russian birth-name Yulian (Юлиан), so that's how he's represented here. We only make exceptions for people who became citizens of other western countries and adopted a different version of their names, or for living composers who decide they don't want to use the traditional transliteration system. I'm sorry I know so little of Yulian's tragically short life, but there are probably experts out there if you were to ask on the forum — P.davydov 18:22, 7 September 2011 (UTC)