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I was born in early 1984, though for the first part of my life, I didn't enjoy music the way I do now. In fourth grade (1993–1994), I became involved in my elementary school band. A year later, our band director was out sick for six weeks; in that time I took over the direction of the band as well as created my initial composition. It has since been lost in the mess that is my storage room, but back then it was an amazing accomplishment for an 11-year old. At the end of the six weeks, we had barely two days prior to our spring concert; at that concert, I was given praise for standing up and taking control of the band.

My love of music, composition, and arranging did not end there. Throughout middle and high school, my study of theory and orchestration helped my composition to flourish. Though I was never actually trained in any form of composition or theory, my own studies continue to have an impact and astounding effect on my music.

I write for both Orchestra and Symphonic Band, though I often write more for Concert Band. I am currently working on a musical adaptation of the fairytale, "The Frog Prince". I hope to publish as much of my music as possible, but am looking forward to creating a database of my music for everyone in the world to observe. And what better place to do that than on IMSLP?