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first few string quintets etc. - well, partial worklist, why not. better, sorted one perhaps to follow soon on own page

tempted to use HMB to help prepare a list-of-compositions page soon... (before no.5 published in 1851) noted in HMB in the late 1830s - assuming that library catalogs are right that W.H. Veit/Weit is Vaclav Jindrich Veit and that these are his quintets etc. - anyhow quintet op.1 in F major (Hofmeister says A, but a 1890 republication at Sächsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden has F major, which I am going with - until I see the first few bars of the first movement allegro, which would define the key :) ) published 1835; quintet 2 op.2 in A pub. 1837; 3rd quintet op.4 in G pub. 1838. quintet 4 - opus 20 in C minor (or E major acc. to Free Lib Phila) published 1843. also, other large works, a concert overture op.17 in D pub.1842, op.44 Fest-Messe pub. 1859, op.49 symphony in E? E minor? G? (two entries differ on key) pub.1860 (ah. wishlist material!!!), op.53 piano trio in D pub.1862 (Newberry Lib), etc. ... plus piano nocturnes, songs, etc. and other works I've missed of course. Eric 13:02, 29 March 2011 (UTC) (a Google books reference, a concert report from Dalibor: čas̕opis věnovaný zájmum světské i církevní hudby a... (etc. ...) (here for those who can read it) shows or at least suggests a concert in which Veit's opus 2 was being played as late as 1897. Mentions 'klavírni' part but I think that refers to one of the other works in the concert- probably both the Dvořák and Mendelssohn trios- not the strings-only Veit.) Perhaps more recently, of course, and with the republication of opus 5 and the quartets, well, that's one of the things we, Merton, etc. are in this for, I like to think.)

WH Veith

apparently? he (Vaclav Veit) published his Mauresque, op.27 with Glöggl under that name (WH Veith) acc. to Duke University (though it appears in HMB under Veit, 1850 page 153.) There are works by a W.H./Will.H. Veith at LoC published in the 1880s whose titles translated into Czech or French (e.g. Veith's Skylark, Valse which appears neither as Alouette, skřivan or lerche- nor does anything seem to turn up (on Worldcat at least?... or obviously so on Hofmeister...) matching Veit and Waltz, Valse or Walzer.) Circumstantial evidence that this Veith is another composer, but it does not break the limits of possibility, and William Veiths and William H. Vieths (if not, that I can find, Veiths outside of this context) are reported in censuses and other places for the late 19th century. Eric 22:42, 22 August 2011 (UTC)