G.M. Meyer

Gottfried Martin Meyer
early G.M. Meyer cover (1853)
Fesca song cover (1840s)
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G.M. Meyer was founded on June 1, 1828 in Braunschweig (Brunswick), Germany by Gottfried Martin Meyer (1801-47) and his wife Juliane (1815-?). After Meyer's death in 1849, Juliane continued running the business, which expanded greatly during her brief marriage (1851-8) to the uxorious composer and pianist Henry Charles Litolff (1818-1891). The name then changed, in 1856, to Litolff.

G.M. Meyer published almost the whole output of 60 works by the short-lived Alexander Fesca (1820—1849), and some works by Reinecke, Wieniawski and others.


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Plate Numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
0153 Kulenkamp Variations, Op.32 1831
0454 Kummer Concertino No.2 for 2 Flutes, Op.104 (pts) 1841
0455 Fesca Piano Trio No.2, Op.12 1841
0481 Fesca La Sylphide, Op.19 1842
0483 Fesca 3 Lieder, Op.21 1844
0549 Fesca 6 Lieder, Op.29 1843
0966 Litolff Spinnlied, Op.81 1853
1023 Wieniawski Polonaise de concert, Op.4 1853
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