IMSLP:API accounts

The main difference in the procedure to obtain an API account depends on the nature of the project in question. Please note that the conditions on this page are subject to change at any time.

Non-commercial uses

IMSLP offers accounts for non-commercial usage of the API. What constitutes non-commercial usage in a particular instance will be determined solely by IMSLP. Non-commercial accounts will not be subject to ongoing fees but may require a setup fee depending on the request.

Commercial uses

IMSLP charges a royalty for commercial usage of the API in order to support the continued maintenance of the API and the increased load on the server.

You will be able to choose between a flat monthly fee or a percentage of profits (the latter being available only if the profits can be easily ascertained). However, the actual royalty rate in a particular instance will be determined solely by IMSLP. Furthermore, depending on the type of project, IMSLP may require an up-front deposit of no more than $1000 (most likely significantly less) when the royalty rate is a percentage of profits.

Example: In the case of an iPhone/Android application that is a front-end for IMSLP, IMSLP will charge a royalty of 30% of the list price, unless there are special circumstances.

How to apply for an account

If you wish to apply for an account, please contact User:Feldmahler, and state (1) the nature of your project, (2) a detailed description of your project, (3) the royalty you are willing to pay (if applicable), and (4) the timeframe within which your project will go live.