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The general goal is to mirror the PDFs of the Royal Danish Library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek).

The actual goal is to know what has been and what has not been uploaded here, in order to achieve the mirroring.


1. Mirror the DKB site's score pages

  • Find the pages,
  • Copy the html content, wikify it on appropriate pages here.
(Copy the DKB page's html content in a spreadsheet, add a column on the left with "−"s, use a "Excel to wiki" converter and paste in a wiki page.)

2. Review the mirrored pages

Review what has already been uploaded to IMSLP, and tag accordingly the lists.

  • How to tag the lists
Please replace:
in the first column (at the beginning of the line) by:
for works that have been imported to IMSLP,
Other Source
for works of the same edition that have been imported from a source other than DKB to IMSLP (if the quality of the DKB copy is better then upload it),
<span style="color:#FF00FF;">''Special''</span>
for special pages (i.e. links not to single files, but to pages containing many files), or
<span style="color:#FF0000;">''Not Importable''</span>
for works that cannot be imported to IMSLP (due to copyright issue, or whatever).
  • Static vs. Dynamic
  • At first, please only deal with static pages − the e-noder archives, and those of the "special" pages that are closed − and of which we should first establish the list.
  • Then, we'll have to find a way to deal with the pages that are still growing on the DKB site .
  • Minor tasks
  • Make sure that the work pages on the wiki use the {{DKB}} template.
  • Check the Arranger, Librettist, etc. fields.

3. Upload

  • Upload works that hasn't been yet.
Don't forget to tag the list accordingly!

List of lists

Static pages


Bimonthly "e-noder" newletter. (Note that each "year" begins with previous December, and ends in November.) DKB abandoned the "e-noder" method of tracking additions in May, 2012. A new method was introduced in August, 2012.

Reviewed (November 13, 2012) e-noder archives 2007
Reviewed (November 12, 2012) e-noder archives 2008
Reviewed (June 14, 2013) e-noder archives 2009
Reviewed (June 11, 2013) e-noder archives 2010
Reviewed (June 11, 2013) e-noder archives 2011
Reviewed (June 11, 2013) e-noder archives 2012
Reviewed (June 11, 2013) new additions 2013
new additions 2014


Selected Scores from the 19th century

Status Selected Scores from the 19th century pages Page on IMSLP
- Collection pour voix et guitare
Done Samling af 25 strygekvintetter . Proveniens: Chr. Waagepetersen 25 String Quintets Links
Done Dauprat, L.F. et al Musik for horn Music for French horns
- Gerson, Georg Vrker i manuskript Georg Gerson - music in manuscript and print
- Grieg, Edv. Manuscripts in autograph Edvard Grieg autograph manuscripts
Done Hamerik, A[sger]. Requiem for Alt solo, kor og orkester. Op. 34. (Offenbach s/M, Jean Andr, [ca. 1888])
- Kuhlau, Fr. Printed music in 19th Century editions
- Kuhlau, Fr. Selected works in manuscripts
- Lumbye, H. C. Dances for orchestra in manuscript scores H.C. Lumbye Dances for orchestra in manuscript scores
- Lumbye, H. C. Dances in printed piano versions H.C. Lumbye Dances in printed piano versions
- Miscellany of printed harp parts, c.1800 Miscellany of printed harp parts ca.1800
- Mozart, W.A. Don Juan oder Der steinerne Gast. Score. (Lpz., Breitkopf & Härtel, (1801)) (Prov.: The Royal Theatre)
- Musikautografer samlede af familien Collin (Hndskriftafdelingen); Collin Family Music Autographs Links
Done Neruda, Franz Selected works with cello Franz Neruda Selected works with cello
Offenbach, J. Cours méthodique de Duos pour deux Violoncelles. (Mayence-Londres, Schott)
Done Onslow, G. Printed chamber music Onslow chamber music
Done Reicha, Ant. Quintettes pour Flûte, Hautbois (ou 2me Flûte), Clarinette, Cor, Basson Anton Reicha wind quintets
- Schall, Peder Works in manuscripts
Done Sick, Th. Kammermusikværker i manuskript
Status Special Page Page on IMSLP
Anonym instrumentalmusik i manuskript, ca. 1790, fra Hofmusikarkivet
Tantebind, ukomplet - kun Tenorstemmer. (Antwerpen-tryk 1593-1607)
Symfonier i manuskript fra Det Kongelige Teater, ca. 1765
Calvisius, Seth Biciniorum libri duo...Leipzig, 1612
13 scores uploaded Croubelis, Simoni dall / Værker i manuskript Croubelis DKB Manuscripts
Lotti, Ant. Kirkelige værker i manuskript Antonio Lotti - Church music in manuscript
Prætorius, Michael Polyhymnia Caduceatrix & Panegyrica. (1619)
- Schadaeus, A. (ed.) Promptuarii musici ... Pars prima - tertia. (Strasbourg, K. Kieffer, 1611-13)
- Eccard, J. & J. Stobaeus Geistliche Lieder auff gewhnliche Preussische Kirche-Melodeyen ... mit fnff Stimmen. (Danzig, G. Rheten, 1634)
- W. A. Mozart Cosi fan tutte (KV 588) - Prager versionen, 1791 (Ms Weyses samling)
- Joachim Andersen: Printed music in first editions
- Aug. Bournonville: Music for ballets in printed piano versions
- J.P.E. Hartmann: Selected works
- Peter Heise: Selected works
- Pedersen, F.W.C. (udg.) Journal for (Sang og) Guitarre. 1.- 4. Aarg. (Kbh. 1815-25)
- Danmarks Melodibog. Vol. 1-2 (Collection of Danish songs)
- The Royal Theatre - the early repertoire of opera and Singspiel. 1770-
- Copenhagen Summer Revues 1876 - 1900]
- Danish Chamber music before 1900
- Danish songs (before 1900)
- Danish Piano music before 1900
- Foreign instrumental music before 1900
- Early printed music (before 1700) in the Royal Library
- Selected music, prints and manuscripts from the 18th Century
- Early Danish Dance Instructions - 18th Century
- Early Danish Dance Instructions - 19th Century
- Early Danish music textbooks

Dynamic Pages

Det Kongelige Teaters tidlige repertoire, 1770-
Kuhlau, Fr. Trykte noder i 1800-tals udgaver