IMSLP:Ordering a Reprint from PMBS (Petrucci-Merton Booklet Service)

Users can order printed scores made from an IMSLP file from the Petrucci-Merton Booklet Service, located in the UK. Petrucci-Merton Booklet Service (PMBS) is offering to make booklets ready for the music stand on 100gsm A3 (297 x 420 mm) paper of any eligible music in the Petrucci Library. Please note that PMBS is an independent entity founded by Theo Wyatt, now run by Jem Bradley, and is not a subsidiary or division of Project Petrucci, LLC.


  • If we have the file you'll be taken straight to the corresponding page on our website. If not, please leave your contact details on the form provided and we'll have the music you want on the website within one working day.

Music is usually posted within five working days of receipt of payment.


  • Shipping costs for standard delivery:

Free postage in the UK for orders over £20.00

Europe - maximum postage cost = £25.00

Rest of the world (excluding the US) - maximum postage cost = £30.00

USA - Maximum postage cost = £35.00


We reproduce exactly what is on the imslp site with the following modifications: to maximise legibility we reduce extra-wide margins leaving a minimum of about 10mm. Original files that are skewed and off centre can be de-skewed and re-centred within the limitations of the original document. Files can also be cleaned to an extent, and a file that is faint or incomplete can be repaired, again to an extent. Before ordering you must examine pages throughout the work to ensure it is all usable. Parts are flat bound (stapled). If the imslp file included a cover it can be printed as well if you wish. A4 size scores are either comb bound or wire bound with card covers, whilst A3 scores are wire bound with a heavy duty card back cover, and the front cover comes with a PVC (laminate) cover and a card cover as standard.

Copyright laws do have to be observed. We must therefore ask you not to order copies of works described on the work page as “Non-PD EU”.


Music is posted 2nd class as standard in the UK. To destinations outside Europe we post items with International Standard shipping (airmail). PMBS aims to post your order within five days of receipt payment, but if there is likely to be a longer delay we will let you know.

If you would like us to expedite your order, please email us


IMSLP does not control any part of the publishing process, and therefore all questions should be directed to