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Template:CR cheat sheet

Seeing as the links to the last revision links on the Tag Statistics panel aren’t working, could we have the MainText page modified to include a little set of links which do the same thing – and actually work!

To invoke: use the template {{CR cheat sheet}}

Which results in:

Status Canada US EU
Verified (non-urtext) /V!/–/–/–/l/i/ /–/V!/–/–/l/i/ /–/–/V!/–/l/i/
Verified (urtext only) /V*/–/–/–/l/i/ /–/V*/–/–/l/i/ /–/–/V*/–/l/i/
Checked /C/–/–/–/l/i/ /–/C/–/–/l/i/ /–/–/C/–/l/i/
Not PD (no permission) /nq/–/–/–/l/i/ /–/nq/–/–/l/i/ /–/–/nq/–/l/i/
Not PD (permission granted) /np/–/–/–/l/i/ /–/np/–/–/l/i/ /–/–/np/–/l/i/
Unknown /U/–/–/-/l/i/ /–/U/–/–/l/i/ /–/–/U/–/l/i/
Removed /r/–/–/–/l/i/
Total /a/–/–/–/l/i/
Recent Tags /–/–/–/–/–/–/
CR Tags /nq/nq/nq/–/l/i/
Recent Additions /–/–/–/–/l/!/
New Additions /U/U/U/s/l/–/
Unreviewed US/EU /p/U/U/s/l/–/


  • Variables 1–3, Domain: a [Any, default] c [Checked] v [Verified] p [=c or v] n [Not PD] r [Removed] u [Unknown]
    Urtext modifiers: * [Urtext] ! [Not urtext] q [Exclude permission granted]
  • Variable 4, User filter: a [All, default] s [IMSLP system only] u [Users only]
  • Variable 5, History filter: a [All, default] l [Last revision only]
  • Variable 6, Sorting: i [Ascending IMSLP #] ! [Descending] d [Ascending date] q [Descending]
  • Variable 7, Offset [optional]

Regards, Philip Legge @ © talk 00:40, 5 December 2008 (EST)

Thanks! It helps. I guess Feldmahler will fix the table once...--Peter talk 03:30, 5 December 2008 (EST)