List of works by Ernesto Centola

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Works with Opus Number

Violin and piano unles indicated otherwise
Op.1 Andante Cantabile e Gavotta
Op.2. 6 Stücke. Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, 1892.
  1. Romanze
  2. Spanische Walzer
  3. Erinnerung 
  4. Wiegenlied
  5. Orientalisches Stück
  6. Walzer
Op.3 Preludio e Scherzo, Leipzig - Breitkopf & Härtel , 1892
Op.4 Souvenir de Naples - Breitkopf & Härtel , 1893
Op.5 Plaisanterie Breitkopf & Härtel , 1893
Op.6 Serenata. Breitkopf & Härtel , 18934
Op.7. Capriccio Breitkopf & Härtel , 1893
Op.8. 3 Salonstücke
Op.9. Elegie
Op.10. 4 Kleine Stücke . 1903
  1. Berceuse
  2. Walzer
  3. Pierrot et Pierrette. Petite Suite Napolitaine, pour Violon et Piano. Op. 12. 1. Serenata. 2. Canzone. 3. Tarantella.
  4. Sérénade
Op.12. Novelletta No. 2, pour Violon et Piano.
Op.13 Songs
Op.14. Petite suite italienne (Marche, mazurka, walzer) (Decourcelle)
Op.15. Petite suite orientale (Augener) 1. Orientale. 2. Sérénade. 3. Gavotte.
Op.18 Nocturne violin piano P. Decourcelle
Op.22 Mazurka de concert Paris Costallat 1911
Op.23 Danse de fantômes Hamburg - Rahter
Op.24 Mazurka. Hannover: Oertel
Op.25. Aria
Op.26 Souvenir d’un rêve. Rahter 1905
Op.27 Minuetto. Kistner 1907
Op.28 2 Feuilles d’album. Paris: Costallat, 1911
  1. Solitude
  2. Idyll
Op.31 Petite suite militaire (Augener)
Op.32 Suite Napolitaine 1 -3. Kistner 1907
Op.33 Erinnerung an den Bosporus (Bospours?) - kleine romantische Suite Leipzig - D. Rahter, 1906
Op.35 4 Feuilles d’album
  1. Preghiera
  2. Marche des petits soldats
  3. Rigaudon(?)
  4. Bébé qui danse
Op.36 Feuilles d'Album pour Violon et Piano. Op. 36. No. 1. Tristesse. No. 2. Vision.
Op.37 12 Etudes elementaires Kistner 1907
Op.38 Vers le Passé! 3 Morceaux pour Violon & Piano. Op. 38. No. 1. Regret. No. 2. Évocation. No. 3. Souvenir.
Op.39 Valse no.2 (Augener)
Op.41 Chanson d’automne. Paris Costallat 1911
Op.44 Chanson d’été. (violin and piano) Rahter, 1909
Op.45 Calinerie. (violin and piano) Rahter, 1909
Op.46 Air de Ballet. Paris Costallat 1911
Op.48. Ronde de nuit pour violon et piano. Augener, 1909.
Op.50 Liberté, March for orchestra Hannover Oertel 1909
Op.51 Concertino Leipzig ; Milano - D. Rahter, c1909 (given as Op.50 @ HMB 1910 p.116.)
Op.57 Mazurka - Augener, 1912
Op.58 Barcarola - Augener, 1912
Op.59 Chanson triste - Augener, 1912
Op.60 Novelletta violin piano P. Decourcelle
Op.64 Sweet Remembrance, for string orchestra. See


Op. 65 Novelletta No. 2, pour Violon et Piano.
Op.73 Rêve orchestra Paul Decourcelle
Op.74 Minuetto orchestra Paul Decourcelle


Capriccio Fantastico per orchestra e violino (manoscritto, 1882 March) (a copy has been digitized @ Internet Culturale (Italy) online.)
Composizioni per canto con di pianoforte o orchestra Napoli - Vincenzo Gagliano & Figlio, (19..)
Corso elementare
Napoli - presso la sede dell'Istituto musicale V. Bellini, (1917?) (Milano - Officine G. Ricordi & C.)
Incluso in > Corso sintetico di tecnica per lo studio del violino
Corso sintetico di tecnica per lo studio del violino Milano - Officine Ricordi , (verso la fine del 19. sec.)
Corso sintetico per lo studio del violino - Fasc. 2. Corso Medio Milano - Off. G. Ricordi e C., 1917
Impromptu for string orchestra (dedicated to Arthur Seybold and published in 1924 by Decourcelle. Performing material @ Fleisher Collection.)
Nocturne for violin and orchestra (dedicated to Mademoiselle Aroussiak Tachdjian and published by Decourcelle, 1923. Material @ Fleisher Collection. Note that WorldCat seems to give Op.18 to this work?)
Noveletta for violin and orchestra (possibly Op.60?)
Scherzo for Orchestra (published by London: Ascherberg)
Scherzo for Piano (Ascherberg, copt. 1911. Same work???)