List of works by Adolf Jensen

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Works with Opus number

Works without Opus number

  • Opera "Die Erbin von Montfort" (1858-65), title later changed to "Turandot" (see e.g. RISM 453007143)
  • Ballet Music from "Die Erbin von Montfort" for Orchestra
  • Ländliche Festmusik, Pieces for Piano (4 hands), arranged from Opera "Die Erbin von Montfort", Berlin 1882 (publication date).
  • Adonis-Feier, for Voice, Chorus and Piano (published posthumously revised by Gustav Jensen, 1882)
  • Ricordanza, Etude for Piano, Budapest 1880.
  • Frithjof, fragment (1858)
  • Am Pregelstrom am Ostseestrand for 8 male Voices (1864)
  • Einkehr for 3 female Voices
  • 7 Lieder (after Eichendorff, Reinick, Fallersleben, Bodenstedt and Goethe, 1855-57)
  • Lied Nacht liegt auf fremden Wegen (after Heine, 1857)
  • Lied Lasst mich ruhen (after H von Fallersleben)
  • 6 Lieder (after Heyse, Beck, Storm, Kugler, Goethe), Berlin 1881
  • 3 Lieder (after Osterwald, Heine, von Meissen), Berlin 1882
  • 3 Lieder (after Fallersleben, Beck, Eichendorff), Berlin 1883
  • 2 Lieder (after Marsano, Geibel), Baden-Baden 1899.
  • Lied Leis rudern hier (after Moore) 1864.