List of works by Carel Anton Fodor

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Works with Opus Number

  • op.1 - 4-hand piano sonata (pub.1782)
  • op.1 - also: Keyboard Concerto in D major (pub.1792)
  • op.2 - 3 keyboard sonatas: Piano Sonata in F-sharp minor No.2
  • op.2 - also: 4 Sonatas for Keyboard with Violin (ca.1782. not related to the 3 keyboard sonatas above)
  • op.3 - Airs variés for keyboard (see RISM A/I F 1259, published by André ca.1783)
  • op.4 - concerto for piano or harpsichord (by 1799)
  • op.4 - also -Trois sonates pour le clavecin ou forte-piano, : dont les deux premieres avec un accompagnement de violon et la troisiéme a quatre mains (ca.1795)
  • op.5 - Keyboard Concerto in D major
  • op.5 - also - symphony no.1 in D major (pub.1795)
  • op.6 ?
  • op.7 - 4 Piano Quartets (ca.1804?)
  • op.8 - Keyboard Concerto in C major (pub.1799)
  • op.9 - Sonata for Piano Duet in C major ("Sonate à quatre mains : Oeuvre IX". J J Hummel, ca.1799) (composer given as A. Fodor on score.)
  • op.10 - sonata for keyboard instrument 6-hands in F major
  • op.11 - 3 Sonatas dont la Première accompagnée de Violon & Violoncelle la seconde avec flûte & la troisième avec Violon seul (ca.1801)
  • op.12 - Keyboard Concerto in G minor avec le 'Rondo à la Turque' (
  • op.13 - symphony in G major (see RISM A/I F 1221, downloadable parts)
  • op.14 - piano quartet(s)
  • op.15 - pianoforte concerto in E major (pub.1806?)
  • op.16 - symphony in C minor (may be op.19 in 4-hand version, may be a separate work?)
  • op.17 - 3 violin and piano sonatas
  • op.18 - Airs variés
  • op.19 - symphony in C minor (ca.1801, pub.1809)
  • op.20 - ?
  • op.21 - concertino for piano, with orchestra ad lib. (ca.1805, published by 1816)
  • op.22 - overture ("composée a l'occasion de l'arrivée de son altesse Royale le Prince d'Orange au concert de la Societé Felix Meritis") (Hummel plate 1503, ca.1814)
  • op.23 - overture for piano and violin (may relate to op.22??) (Hummel plate 1554) (announced Jan. 1820 AMZ- perhaps published 1819)
  • op.24 - concertino no.2 for piano and orchestra (published ca.1819 - also announced Jan. 1820 AMZ)
  • op.25 - marche militaire à grand orchestre

Works without Opus Number

  • WoO - Symphony No.10 in D major
  • WoO - Cantata after words by Klijn (premiered 1824) (see RISM 180000286)
  • WoO - Cantata Waarom rijst thans uit Amstels wal (see RISM 180000289)
  • WoO - psalm settings for 3 tenor voices, bass choir, orchestra (see RISM 180000412; at least one of these is held at NMI in two forms - Pseaume 1er for 3 singers and orchestra (in French ("Franse")) in manuscript, a published version of the same work (with piano) by Hummel (published, with manuscript parts) (1814) (see RISM F 1219)