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This list is gathered from Grove Music Online, Hofmeister XIX and other reliable sources. Nota bene, the missing opus numbers were never published. There is a good chance that these never existed.

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List of Works


Op. Title Forces Genre Date Publisher Notes
2 Fünf Gesänge

1.Im wunderschönen Monat Mai, 2.Und wüsstens die Blumen,3.In einem kühlen Grunde, 4.Wie Schmetterlinge, 5.Ich will meine Seele tauchen

v pf Vocal 1865 July Simmel Dedicated to Elisabeth von Metzdorff
3 Sechs Characterstücke

1.Arlequin, 2.Warum?, 3.'Erzählung, 4.Papillon, 5.Begegnung, 6.Lied

vc pf, 4. vc orch Chamber 1865 December, orch. 1880 Senff Dedicated to Prinz Hohenzollern-Hechingen
5 Romanze vc pf Chamber 1867 May Fritzsch and Siegel Dedicated to Anna Mahlig
8 Cello Concerto No.1 in D Minor vc orch Orchestral 1871 August, orch. 1872 February André Dedicated to Julius Goltermann
10 Sarabande and Gavotte in D Minor vc pf Chamber 1868 January André Dedicated to Robert Emil Bockmühl
11 Drei Stücke

1.Widmung (Dedication), 2.Humoreske, 3.Mazurka No.1

vc pf Chamber 1874 December Senff Dedicated to 1.Sophie Menter, 2.Karl Davidoff, 3.Bernhard Cossmann
12 Mazurka No.2 in D minor vc pf Chamber 1874 October Gutmann
14 Concert-Polonaise in D Minor vc pf Chamber 1878 January Senff Dedicated to King Wilhelm of the Netherlands
16 Suite for 2 Cellos

1.Andante grazioso, 2.Gavotte, 3.Scherzo, 4.Largo espressivo, 5.Marcia

2vc or vc pf Chamber 1876 December Hofmeister Dedicated to Franz Hegenbart
16a Tempo di Marcia 2vc or vc pf Chamber 1879 November Hofmeister Alternate finale for the Suite, Op.16
18 Sérénade orientale vc pf or vc orch Chamber 1878, orch. 1904 Senff Dedicated to Contesse Stefanie de Wurmbrandt-Vrabély
22 Nocturne No.1 in G Major vc pf Chamber 1879 September Hofmeister Dedicated to Prinz Tenischeff (Vyacheslav Tenishev)
23 Gavotte No.2 in D Major vc pf or vc orch Chamber 1879 November, orch. 1900 June Hofmeister Dedicated to Senator A.N. Markewitsch (Andrey Nikolayevich Markovich)
24 Cello Concerto No. 2 in E Minor vc orch Orchestral 1880 June Hofmeister
27 Präludium (Andante Serioso) and Gavotte No.3, pf Chamber 1880 October Senff Dedicated to Wilhelm Popper
28 Concert-Polonaise No. 2 in F Major vc pf Chamber 1880 May Hofmeister
32 Zwei Stücke

1.Nocturne No. 2, 2.Mazurka No. 3

vc pf Chamber 1880 September Hofmeister Dedicated to 1.Adolf Henselt, 2.Col. Jean Palansky
33 Tarantella in G Major vc pf Chamber 1880 September Rahter Dedicated to Jan Seifert. Orchestrated by Paul Gilson in 1902.
35 Zwei Stücke

1.Trauermarsch, 2.Mazurka No.4 in D Major

vc pf Chamber 1880 October Rieter-Biedermann Dedicated to 2.Henryk Wieniawski
38 Barcarole vc pf Chamber 1881 August Hofmeister Dedicated to Frau Cecile Cohn-Holländer
39 Elfentanz vc pf or vc orch Chamber 1881 September, orch. 1882 August Rahter Dedicated to Franz Neruda
40 Lieder

1.Lass dich belauschen, du stille Nacht, 2.Ich liebe dich, 3.Suleikha: Nicht mit Engeln im blauen Himmelszelt

v pf Vocal 1882 February Hofmeister Dedicated to Lorenzo Riese
42 Nocturne No.3 in G Major vc pf Chamber 1882 September Ries & Erler Dedicated to Jules Delsart
43 Fantasie über das Kleinrussiche Lied (Fantasy on Little Russian Songs) vc pf Chamber 1882 April Senff "Little Russia" is the old name for Ukraine
46 Zwei Transcriptionen

1.Schlummerlied aus der “Mainacht" by Rimsky-Korsakov 2.Träurmerei aus den “Kinderszenen” by Schumann

vc pf Chamber 1884 August Rahter
47 Nocturne No.4 in B Minor vc pf Chamber 1883 September Rahter Dedicated to Fräulein Anna Hoskier
48 Menuetto No.1 in D Major vc pf Chamber 1883 André Dedicated to John Grieg
49 Kaiser-Marsch zur Krönung Seiner Majestät Kaiser Alexander III orch Orchestral 1883 September Rahter
50 Im Walde

1.Eintritt, 2.Gnomentanz, 3.Andacht, 4.Reigen, 5.Herbstblume, 6.Heimkehr

vc orch Orchestral 1882 December, orch. 1883 August Rahter Dedicated to Frau Therese Henriques
51 Mazurka No.6 in C major for cello and piano vc pf Chamber 1884 December André Dedicated to Carl Stasny
52 Feuillet d'album & Mazurka fantastique (No.5) vc pf Chamber 1883 August Rahter Dedicated to King Dom Louis I of Portugal
54 Spanische Tänze

1.Zur Gitarre, 2.Serenade, 3.Spanischer Carneval, 4.L'Andalouse, 5.Vito

vc pf Chamber 1883 November Rahter Dedicated to 1 & 2.Aleksandr Verzhbilovich, 3.Count Guillermo Morphy, 4 & 5.Heinrich Grünfeld. Orchestrated by Jacobus Hendrik Oushoorn in 1906.
55 Zwei Concert-Etüden

1.Spinnlied, 2.Jagdstück

vc pf Chamber 1884 July Rahter Dedicated to Julius Klengel
57 Tarentella No.2 in D Major vc pf Chamber 1885 June Rahter Dedicated to Hugo Becker
59 Cello Concerto No.3 in G Major (in one Movement) vc orch Orchestral 1888 September, orch. 1889 October Rahter Dedicated to Kaiserl. Russischen Staatsrath von Ogarew
60 Walzer-Suite vc pf Chamber 1890 June Rahter Dedicated to Madame Anna Traub
62 Drei Stücke

1.Mémoire, 2.Chanson villageoise, 3.Berceuse

vc pf Chamber 1889 December Rahter Dedicated to Max Rothauer
64 Drei Stücke

1.Wie einst in schöner’n Tagen, 2.Tarantella No.3 in A Major, 3.Wiegenlied

vc pf Chamber 1892 August (Breitkopf), 1892 October (Rahter) Breikopf & Härtel, Rahter Dedicated to 1.Popper's parents, 2.Jean Gérardy, 3.Olga Popper
65 Drei Stücke

1.Adagio, 2.Menuetto No.2 in D Major, 3.Polonaise No.3 in D Major

vc pf Chamber 1891 April (1), September (2), October (3) Rahter Dedicated to 1.Alwin Schroeder, 2.Sigmund Berger, 3.Rudolf André
66 Requiem 3vc orch Orchestral 1892 August Rahter Dedicated to the memory of Daniel Rahter
67 Zwei Stücke im alten Style

1.Largo, 2.Gavotte No.4 D Minor

vc pf Chamber 1892 (Robert Cocks), 1894 May (Hofmeister) Hofmeister and Robert Cocks Dedicated to Henri Eugène Dumont-Saint-Priest
68 Hungarian Rhapsody vc pf Chamber 1894 June Hofmeister Dedicated to Jean Gérardy. Orchestrated by Max Schlegel in 1894.
69 Suite in A Major vc pf Chamber 1897 September Peters Dedicated to Freiherrn Ferdinand von Liliencron
69 Largo a l'ancienne mode vc pf Chamber 1892 Robert Cocks & Co and Schott Dedicated to Queen Victoria of Balmoral
70 Drei Stücke

1.In der Dämmerung, 2.Im Sonnenschein, 3.Ballet-Scene

vc pf Chamber 1900 May Senff (Simrock) Dedicated to 1.Dr. Oscar Friedeberg, 2.Maximilian Bruno Niederberger, 3.none
71 Schottische Fantasie (Scotch Fantasia) vc pf Chamber 1900 June Hofmeister Dedicated to Franklin Petersen of Edinburgh
72 Concerto No. 4 in B Minor vc orch Orchestral 1900 November, orch. 1901 Hofmeister Dedicated to Alfredo Piatti
73 Hohe Schule des Violoncello-Spiels (High School of Cello Playing) vc Chamber 1901, 1902, 1902, 1905 Hofmeister Dedicated to Book 1.Alwin Schroeder, Book 2.Bernhard Schmidt, Book 3.Edouard Jacobs, Book 4.Ödön (Edmund) von Mihalovich. Originally published in 4 volumes.
74 String Quartet in C Minor 2vn va vc Chamber 1905 Hofmeister Dedicated to the Bohemian Quartet
75 Drei Stücke

1.Sérénade, 2.Gavotte No.5 in A Major, 3.Barcarolle Vénitienne

vc pf Chamber 1906 Hamelle
76 10 Mittelschwere grosse Etüden (10 Studies Preparatory to the High School of Cello Playing) vc Chamber 1907 Hofmeister
76a 15 Leichte Etüden in der ersten Lage (15 Etudes in First Position 2vc Chamber 1911 Hofmeister
81 Gavotte [No.6] in A Major vc pf Chamber 1911 Ries & Erler
Ave Maria gratia plena v vc pf Chamber 1898 Hamelle Dedicated to Cécile Dumont-Saint-Priest. Alternative title: Notre Dame de Londres
Improvisation über Richard Wagners Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg vc pf Chamber 1914 André
Chant du Soir vc pf Chamber 1910 Harmonia (Universal) Alternative title: Evening Song
Cello Concerto in C Major vc orch Orchestral 1899 Ries & Erler This concerto used to be attributed to Joseph Haydn.
Was mich zu dir so mächtig zog vc orch Vocal 1884 P.J. Tonger Librettist Maximilian Bern
Au Printemps! Suite de 12 morceaux originaux vn pf 1902 Hamelle

Works without Opus number

  • Cadenzas for cello
  • Joseph Haydn: Cello Concerto in D major
  • Camille Saint-Saëns: Concerto in A minor, Op.33
  • Robert Volkmann: Cello Concerto in A minor
  • Robert Schumann: Cello Concerto in A minor, Op.129
  • Molique, B.: Cello Concerto in D major

Arrangments by David Popper

  • Svendsen, Johan
- Romance, Op.26 for cello and piano (arr. Popper)
  • Wagner, Richard
- Romanze for Cello and Piano (arranged by David Popper)