List of works by Édouard Lalo

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NB: There are many gaps in the series of Lalo's opus numbers that appear not to have been allocated to any work, and these numbers have been omitted from the list below. Click on the column headings to sort by opus number or alphabetically by title.

Opus Title
Op.01 Fantaisie originale in A major, for violin and piano (ca.1848)
Op.02 Allegro maestoso in C minor, for violin and piano (ca.1848)
Op.04 Impromptus (2), for violin and piano (ca.1848):
  1. Espérance
  2. Insouciance
Op.05 Le novice, scene, for baritone and piano to words by Hippolyte Stupuy (pub. 1849 by Paris: Launer)
Op.07 Piano Trio No.1 in C minor (by 1851)
Op.08 Impromptus (2), for violin and piano (by 1851):
  1. Pastorale
  2. Scherzo alla Pulcinella)
Op.12 Violin Sonata in D major (1853)
Originally called Grand duo concertant
Op.14 2 Pièces, for violin (or cello) and piano (1854):
  1. Chanson villageoise
  2. Sérénade (A major)
Op.16 Allegro for cello and piano (1856?)
Later arranged for cello and orchestra as Op.27, and again as Allegro symphonique
Op.17 Mélodies (6), for voice and piano (by 1856):
  1. Guitare
  2. Puisqu'ici-bas toute âme
  3. L'aube nait et ta porte est close
  4. Dieu qui sourit et qui donne
  5. Oh! quand je dors
  6. Chanson à boire (2 versions)
Op.18 Soirées parisiennes, 3 morceaux caractéristiques, for violin and piano (1856)
Composed with Charles Wehle
  1. Ballade
  2. Menuet
  3. Idylle
Op.19 String Quartet in E major (1859)
Revised as the String Quartet, Op.45
Op.20 Violin Concerto in F major (1873)
Op.21 (Durand)
Op.22 (Schott)
Symphonie espagnole in D minor, for violin and orchestra (1874)
Op.26 Piano Trio No.3 in A minor (1880)
See also the Scherzo for orchestra (1884)
Op.27 Allegro appassionato, for cello and orchestra (1875)
Arranged from Op.16; also arranged for orchestra as Allegro symphonique
Op.28 Guitare in B minor, for violin and piano (1882)
Op.29 Concerto russe, for violin and orchestra (1879)
Op.31 Chant breton, for voice, piano, and flute/oboe (1884)
Op.32 La mère et l'enfant, 2 pieces for piano 4 hands (1873):
  1. Romance
  2. Sérénade
Op.33 Marine, for voice and piano (1884)
Op.34 O salutaris, for female chorus and organ (1884)
Op.35 Dansons, duet for soprano, mezzo-soprano and piano (1884)
Arranged from the ballet Namouna
Op.45 String Quartet in E major (1884)
Revision of the String Quartet, Op.19
Adagio (or Fantaisie-quintette No.2), for piano and string quartet
(date unknown)
Adieux au désert, for voice and piano (1848)
Allegro symphonique, for orchestra (date unknown)
Arranged from the Allegro appassionato, Op.27
Andantino, for violin and orchestra (date unknown)
Arranged from the ballet Namouna
Arlequin, esquisse humoristique in G major, for violin/cello and piano/orchestra (ca.1848)
Aubade, for voice and piano (1872)
Aubades (2), for 10 instruments (1872)
Arranged from the opera Fiesque
  1. Allegretto
  2. Andantino
Au fond des halliers, for soprano, tenor and piano (1887)
Arranged from the opera Fiesque
Ballade à la lune, for voice and piano (1860)
Cello Concerto in D minor (1877)
Cello Sonata in A minor (1856)
Divertissement, for orchestra (1872)
Arranged from the opera Fiesque
Fantasie-ballet for violin and orchestra (1885)
Arranged from the ballet Namouna.
Fantaisie norvégienne, for violin and orchestra (1878)
Fiesque, grand opéra in 3 acts (1866–68)
Humoresque, for voice and piano (1867?)
La jacquerie, opera in 4 acts (1891–92]
Unfinished; completed by Arthur Coquard (1846–1910)
Le roi d'Ys, opera in 3 acts (1875–88)
Le rouge-gorge, for voice and piano (1887)
Lieder (5), for voice and piano (1879):
  1. Prière de l'enfant à son réveil ("O père qu'adore mon père")
  2. A celle qui part ("Lorsque la mer et toi")
  3. Tristesse ("Nous sommes passés")
  4. Viens! ("Viens! cherchons une ombre propice")
  5. La chanson de l'alouette ("Je suis le cri de joie")
Litanies de la sainte Vierge, for mixed chorus and organ/piano (1876)
L'ombre de Dieu, for voice and piano (1848?)
Mélodies (3), for voice and piano (1870?):
  1. A une fleur
  2. Chanson de Barberine
  3. La Zuecca
Mélodies (3), for voice and piano (1887):
  1. La fenaison
  2. L'esclave
  3. Souvenir
Namouna, ballet in 2 acts (1881–82)
Namouna Suite No.1, for orchestra (1881–82)
Namouna Suite No.2, for orchestra (1881–82)
Néron, pantomime in 3 acts (1891)
Piano Concerto in F minor (1888–89)
Piano Quintet in A major (date unknown)
Piano Trio No.2 in B minor (1852?)
Rapsodie norvégienne, for orchestra (1879)
Romance-sérénade in G major, for violin and orchestra (1879)
Romances populaires (6), for voice and piano (1849):
  1. La pauvre femme
  2. Beaucoup d'amour
  3. Le suicide
  4. Si j'étais petit oiseau
  5. Les petits coups
  6. Le vieux vagabond
Scherzo in D minor, for orchestra (1884)
Arranged from Piano Trio No.3, Op.26
Sérénade for piano (1864)
Sérénade, for string quartet (date unknown)
Arranged from the ballet Namouna
Symphony in G minor (1886)
Valse, for cello and piano (date unknown)
Veni, Creator (d’après un thème bohème), for alto and piano or organ (date unknown)