List of works by František Alois Drdla

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  • Zlatá síť (The Golden Net) (1915-1916)
  • Komtesa z prodejny (The Shop Countess / Die Ladenkomtesse), Operetta in 3 Acts (1916-1917)
  • Bohyně lásky (The Goddess of Love / Die Göttin der Liebe), Operetta Burleske in 3 Acts (1940); revision of Zlatá síť


  • Op.134J'y Pense for Orchestra, Piano and Harmonium (1914)

Chamber music

  • Op.200Duo concertante for piano trio or for violin and piano (published 1924)
  • Op.240 – Piano Trio in G minor (1930)


  • Op.38: No 1. Zuversicht. No 2. Die Lichter löschen mählich aus. No 3. Stumme Liebe. (1909)
  • Op.39: Nr 1. Versäumter Frühling. Jenny Schnabl. Nr 2. Die Wahrheit hat die Kunde. (N. Lenau.) (1909)

Violin and orchestra

Violin and piano

Works in this section are for violin and piano unless otherwise noted (e.g. 2 violins and piano).

  1. Rêverie
  2. Frühlings-Serenade. Sérénade du Printemps. Spring-Serenade.
  3. Feu follet.
  1. Vision
  2. Rustic Dance
  3. Rain of Blossoms
  4. Night Winds
  • Op.130Lohengrin-Fantasie for Violin and Piano (1914)
  • Op.131Otázka (Question / Frage) (1914)
  • Op.132Perpetuo
  • Op.133 – Fantasia on Tannhäuser after Wagner for Violin and Piano (1914)
  • Op.134J'y pense, fantasie
  • Op.135 – 4 Leichte melodische Vortragsstücke (Benjamin)
  1. Elegie
  2. Tanzszene
  3. Scherzo
  4. Polonaise