List of works by Gyula Major

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Include but are not limited to

  • Various library catalogs including especially OSZK (Szechenyi)
  • BMC.HU

Works with Opus number

  • Op.1 - Overture No.1 for orchestra (1881)
  • Op.4 - piano trio in C minor (1881. published 1885)
  • Op.5 - Symphony No.1 in A minor (1883-4)
  • Op.8 - Capriccio in F for piano (1892)
  • Op.9 - 2 pieces for piano (Menuet, Impromptu) (1889) (possibly from a manuscript piano sonata opus 9 @ Széchenyi Library?)
  • Op.12 - Concert Symphonique (1888)
  • Op.14 - concerto symphonique- allegretto scherzando, arr. for piano (1894 from Deutsch & Co.) (also published separately by Leuckart in 1896 just as "Op.12 No.2")
  • Op.15 - A kis hamis (Die Sprode) voice piano Rozsvalgogyi
  • Op.16 - Suite romantique (Fantaisie, Ballade, Romance, Valse-sérénade, Meditation) for piano (1894, Budapest: Deutsch&Co.)
  • Op.17 - Symphonie hongroise (Symphony No.2) (Budapest : Pesti Könyvnyomda Részvénytársaság : Bárd Ferencz, ca.1900, at British Library at least (autograph facsimile published score. Manuscript score at Hungarian State Library). 4-hand arrangement mentioned in 1901 HMB.)
  • Op.18 - Violin Concerto (in A) (1899) (pub. 1899 by Julius Hainauer (score published, parts "(Orch.-St. in Abschrift)", solo-part also published, according to HMB. Manuscript score at Hungarian State Library.)
  • Op.19 - Zsidó vallásos énekek : ... zenéjöket szerezte és a függelékben foglalt ritualis énekeket az ifjuság igényeihez alkalmazta (for choir, optional organ) (1891, Méry, Budapest) (National Library of Israel has a copy as does St Pancras Library, Camden, London, UK.)
  • Op.19 - also: Dalma, 4-act opera, unperformed (1891)
  • Op.20 - 2nd piano trio in D, 1892, published 1894, Budapest: Deutsch & Co./Leipzig: Leuckart
  • Op.21 - String Quartet no.2 in C minor
  • Op.22 - String Quartet no.3 in D minor. (Published as quartet no.1 in 1896, pub. or repub. 1908 by Méry of Budapest. (instrumental parts @ ÖNB))
  • Op.24 - Serenade in G for string orchestra (1895) (prize-winning work from Clausenburger Conservatory. Allegro moderato - Andante moderato ungharese - Gavotte - Allegro molto)
  • Op.25 - 3rd symphony in C minor (Ms. Mus. 959 in 4-hand reduction, Budapest/Széchenyi library?)
  • Op.26 - 1re Rhapsodie hongroise (D minor) for piano (1898)
  • Op.29 - 2 Sonatinas for Violin and Piano (C, G) (1897) (published by Bárd & Brüder of Budapest)
    • 5 sonatinas for piano (Opp.29, 31- 1898)
  • Op.30 - Széchy Mária (3-act opera, 1906)
  • Op.31 - See Op.29a
  • Op.32 - Meine Göttin (after Goethe). Cantate für Männerchor, Sopran Solo, Bariton Solo u. gr. Orchester. (, presumably earlier? Ms. Mus. 965, Budapest/Szech. Library?)
  • Op.33 - Violin Sonata in D major (1895, Leuckart)
  • Op.35 - Piano Sonata No.1 in A (1896) ("Ungarische Sonate für Pianoforte. Anlässlich der von der Pester Buchdruckerei Actien Gesellschaft ausgeschriebenen Preisbewerbung mit einem Preise ausgereichnet.")
  • Op.36 - Scènes millénaires, suite pour piano à 4 mains (1900, Budapest, Pester Buchdruck-Aktiengesellschaft), arranged for orchestra also
  • Op.38 - Niels Finn (chorus) (arrangement published 1899. With orchestra, 1901. Another version published 1907)
  • Op.39 - Sextet for piano and winds in B major (see eg OSZK.)
  • Op.40 - Symphony No.4 (F minor?) (1904) (4-hand arrangement published 1905? by Breitkopf&Härtel) (see OSZK Ms. Mus. 2686, also Hofmeister's Monatsbericht (1905), p.10)
  • Op.41 - Erzsike (1-act opera, 1901. Published libretto is at Szechenyi Library.)
  • Op.42 - 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody for Piano (1901, Budapest, Pester Steindruckerei-Gesellschaft)
  • Op.43 - Junge Liebe (for men's chorus and string orchestra or piano) (pub. 1908, Budapest, Méry)
  • Op.44 - Cello Concerto in A major? (minor?) (reduction 1904/05, Breitkopf&Härtel) (full score at Free Library of Philadelphia and in ms at Szechenyi Budapest- orchestra of 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 3 trombones, timpani, triangle, harp, strings (there is also a cello/piano arrangement (and with fingerings overseen, etc. etc.) by Jacques van Lier (listed as copublished by Méry and Breitkopf.))
  • Op.45 - Psalm 47 for choir (male or mixed) and orchestra
  • Opp.46-48 - Lieder und Gesänge
  • Op.49 - Piano Concerto No.2 in A minor
  • Op.51 - Grandpapa's Musical Clock (Grosspapas Spieluhr) (Childrens' Scenes for piano with optional chorus and Illustrations) (Breitkopf und Härtel, 1905.)
  • Op.52 - Clerici beati sunt for bass solo, men's chorus and piano (pub.1908)
  • Op.53 - Violin Sonata No.2 in G minor (1907) (also for cello and piano. Copy @ ÖNB.)
  • Op.54 - String Quartet No.4 in E minor (1905)
  • Op.55 - Balaton (composed 1906 or 1907?) (symphonic poem for orchestra) (published 1908, Méry of Budapest. Reissued 2013 by Musikproduktion Höflich, Munich - see MPH preface.)
  • Op.56 - Rings um den Balaton (Utazás a Balaton körül) (1907, Méry, Budapest)
  • Op.57 - Die alte Jungfer (3 part women's chorus and piano): "Ingeried Sletten von Sillehabb" (pub.1908)
  • Op.58 - Suite galante (1907, Méry, Budapest)
  • Op.59 - Der Wasserfall (soprano, 3-part women's chorus and piano): "Die Elfin wohnt in der Felsenhall" (pub.1908)
  • Op.60 - 3 Volkslieder for 3-part Women's Chorus and Piano (pub.1908, Méry)
  1. Siciliana (Forsi pir si nun m’ami)
  2. La vera Sorrentina (Io la vidia Piedigrotta)
  3. Chanson du XVme Siècle (Vray Dieu d’Amours)
  • Op.60a - 2 Songs for 1 voice and piano (Méry, Budapest, 1908)
  1. Vergessen (Ich ruhe ja schon in einer Gruft)
  2. No title (Hab’ einen Traum begraben)
  • Op.61 - Nach dem Strike (Wir schweigen schon) for one male voice and piano (Méry, Budapest, 1908)
  • Op.62 - String Trio ("Trio No.3) in B major (1907) (see entry for its autograph @ Szechenyi Library Budapest.) However, the Altenberg Trio has this in their big database of piano trios, as published by Mery (following the 2 trios by him we know of already.) A mystery?
  • Op.63 - 3 Concert-fantasies for piano with 2nd piano or orchestra (1907)
  • Op.64 - A szombatosok énekei / Lieder der Sabatharier (, downloadable from Hathitrust. Songs of the Sabbath-Keepers (to translate the title exactly)). Méry, Budapest.
  • Op.65 - Magyar Dalok (Hungarische lieder)
  • Op.68 - Piano Sonata No.2 in E minor (pub.1909 by Méry Bèla) (UNC Chapel Hill has, as does Library of Congress, both microfilm)
  • Op.69 - Devant les Murailles de Jerusalem, poème hébraïque pour piano (or, violin and piano? not sure... poss. arranged to that form later.) (Méry, Budapest, 1909)
  • Op.70 - Bosnische Lieder // Bosnische Lieder : auf Grund der Original-Melodien zusammengestellt und mit Pianofortebegleitung // Boszniai dalok (©1909)
  • Op.71 - Bosnian Rhapsody for Orchestra
  • Op.74 - violin or viola sonata in A minor (autograph manuscript @ Szechenyi Library)
  • Op.77 - Bosnisch-Hercegovinisches Jugendalbum für Klavier.
  • Op.78 - Bosnichen Volksoper Mila (3 acts) (Budapest, 1913. Premiered in Pozsony/Pressburg on March 26, 1913. (NZM, 1913, p.181.) "Text von Richard Batka und M. Wassermann." (Szechenyi Library has at least partial piano reduction.))
  • Op.79 - Symphony No.5 (composed 1914–1915)
  • Op.80 - Diana, a comic fantastic Tanz-Oper (published 1914) ("nach der Pantomime von H. Heine frei bearb.")
  • Op.86 - Magyar-Bosnyák Harci induló. Ungarisch-Bosnischer Kriegsmarsch
  • Op.87 - Kötötük, songs
  • Op.88 - Éljen-Hurrah (march-hymn for voice & piano)
  • Op.89 - Symphony 6 (Scenes from the World War) (reduced (piano duet) possibly incomplete manuscript score @ ÖNB and at Széchenyi Library.) ("Sechste Symphonie : Scenen aus dem Weltkrieg 1915-1916 anschliessend an die V. Symphonie, op. 89". "Note: This symphony includes the fifth".)

Works without Opus Number

  • Traumbilder for Piano 4-Hands (1890)
  • Alpenklänge: Waltz(es?) with "R. Law"(?) (1900)
  • also by Mayor/Major? & Law: Reine Berthe!/Königin Berthe! Suite de valses for piano ; Eichkätzchen-Polka ; Papagei-Polka. (Berlin: Scheithauer as part of a series of Haus-, Konzert- und Tanz-Musik; later Berlin: Siegel, 1903 for Reine Berthe! )
  • Opera "Lisbeth", also called "Elizabeth", 1-act opera with prologue (OSZK.) (premiered 1901)
  • String Quartet No.1 in A (lost)
  • Piano Concerto No.1 (E minor (possibly major per description)... Mss score? @ Szechenyi Library) (1882)
  • Lieder-Album. 16 Lieder f. 1 Singst. u. 2 Duette m. Pfte, deutsch u. ungarisch. (pub.1897, Budapest: Zisper & König)
  • Counterpoint textbook
  • Összhangtan iskolai és magánhasználatra, különös tekintettel a képezdei tantervre (textbook)
  • Tied vagyok te halvány rózsaszál! : dal zongorára és énekre (for voice and piano), text by Imre Gerő. Published by Gerő, early 1900s?. (See OSZK.)
  • Murány ostroma, 3 act opera. In several forms of manuscript at OSZK source 1, source 2 (full score?) (text by Radó Antal; the 2nd source much larger than the first- probably full score??)