List of works by Henry Eccles

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Published in composer's lifetime
  • [12] Sonates a Violon seul et la Basse (beziff.) Comp. p.Mr Eccles Anglois. Livre 1. (Paris: Foucault, 1720.)
Many works Plagerized from Valentini and Allettamenti
18 of the movements of these sonatas are taken from 12 Allettamenti da Camera, Op.8, by Giuseppe Valentini, with another movement taken from 10 Inventions, Op.10, by Francesco Antonio Bonporti according to Grove.
No.11 is (apparently) the famous Sonata in G minor
  • 12 Sonatas for Violin and Continuo (published Paris, 1723)
Various movements of these Sonatas were copied note for note from the works of other composers, ie. Giuseppe Valentini and Nicola Matteis.
Later editions
  • Sonata in F major for Altblockflute or Flute (Viol.) and B.C. Cembalo, Cello or Viola da gamba.
  • Sonata ha Guitare for Violin and Piano (Mainz-Leipzig: Schott, 1926.)
  • Sonata in D minor for Violin and Piano (London: Novello & Co. 1906. (Moffat))
  • Sonata in G minor, Livr.1 No.11 for Violin and Basso (Paris: Ricordi. 1914)
  • Sonata in F major