List of compositions by J.L. Hatton

Compositions By John L. Hatton
[Draft list, in progress.]

Catalogue of Augener & Co. Universal Circulating Musical Library, 1861
The Musical Times, Oct. 1, 1909 (Novello advertising)
Novello's Part-Song Book, vols.1-18

Vocal parts are as published, not necessarily as composed.
"N" numbers are from Novello's Part-Song Book.

Sacred Music

Blessed Be the Lord God of Israel
Blessed Be the Lord My Strength
Come, Holy Ghost
I Will Extol Thee, My God
I Will Praise Thee With My Whole Heart,_John_Liptrot(
Out of the Deep Have I Called Unto Thee
Thou Are Gone Up On High
Morning and Evening Service (in C and E)

Venite; Te Deum; Benedicite; Benedictus;
Jubilate; Sanctus, Kyrie, and Doxology; Nicene
Creed; Magnificat; Cantate Domino; Nunc
Dimittis; Deus Misereatur

Responses to the Commandments (in C and E)

Operas, etc.

Queen of the Thames (1843)
Pascal Bruno, including song, "Revenge"
Rose, or Love's Ransom (1864)

Robin Hood (1856, a cantata)
Hezekiah (ca. 1877, an oratorio)

Songs and Duets

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe,_John_Liptrot)
Come Away, Elves. Two-part song.
Come, Sister Elves s. and c. (English and German words)
Fair and False
For Thee Along I Sigh,_Sweetheart,_Good-bye_(Hatton,_John_Liptrot)
In April s. and c. (English and German words)
The Little Fat Man
Ocean. A descriptive scena for a bass voice. (Orchestral Parts.)
O Mighty, Mysterious Sea
Oh! To Be a Sportive Fairy
Orpheus with his Lute s. and c.
Our Dear Old Church,_John_Liptrot)
Past s. and c. (English and German words),_Tell,_Oh%21_Tell_Me_(Hatton,_John_Liptrot)
The Silver Bell (English and German words),_John_Liptrot)
Songs For Sailors, written by W.C. Bennett
1. Trafalgar
2. Would You Be a Sailor's Wife?
3. A Fisher-Wife's Song
4. Nay, Never Cry, Lass
5. A Kiss to Take to Sea
6. Homeward Bound
7. The Nile
8. The Apparition
9. The Dutchman's Broom
10. Take Me, Lass, For Life
11. The Fine Old English Admiral
12. Ring, Happy Bells
13. The Foresaken
14. The Sailor's Dream
15. To Sea
16. Rooke in the Bay of La Hogue
17. A Thousand Leagues Away
18. Strike, and Strike Hard
19. Were I That Gull
20. Hawke in Quiberon Bay
21. Saturday Night at Sea
22. Duncan at Camperdown
23. Rum
24. Rodney and DeGrasse
25. From Sea
26. A Wife's Song
27. The Winds, Inconstant Ever
28. Old Benbow
29. There's Nothing Like a Smoke
30. The Sea-Boy's Dream
31. A Song of the Sea
32. The Wife For a British Sailor
33. We Roam and Rule the Sea
34. The Homeward Watch
35. Off to Sea
36. A Mother's Song
37. Here We Sit By Our Christmas Fire
38. A Christmas Song
39. Outward Bound
40. Herrings Are in the Bay,_John_Liptt)
The Water-Lily s. and c. (English and German words)
While Old Time Rolls Gaily On t. and b.,_John_Liptrot)


Absence (ATTB N__ v.7; SATB N181 v.6)
All Things Love Thee (ATTB)
All ye Woods and Trees (SATB)
April Showers (ATTB N__ v.7; SATB N182 v.6)
Around the Maypole Tripping (SATB N520)
At the Coming of the Spring (SATB) N__ v.12?
Auburn (Sweet Village) (SATB)
Bacchanalian Song (Now, boys, we've met) (ATTB N__ v.7)
Beware (I Know a Maiden) (ATTB, SATB N__ v.6),_John_Liptrot)
The Belfry Tower (SATB N56 v.1)
Beware, or, I Know a Maiden (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N184 v.6)
Bird of the Wilderness (SATB)
Blythe is the Bird (SATB)
Busy, Curious, Thirsty Fly (To a Fly) (ATTB N__ v.7)
Calm Is the Night (SATB) N__ v.12?
Come, Celebrate the May (SATB N__ v.1)
Come Live With Me (The Bait) (SATB N193 N__ v.12),_John_Liptrot)
Echo's Last Word (SATB) N__ v.12?
England, Land of our Birth (SATB N57 v.1)
The Farmer's Boy (SATB)
The Fisherwife's Song (SSA)
The Fishing Boat (SATB) N__ v.13?
The Forget-Me-Not (SATB N204)
A Garland for Our Fairest (SATB N519 v.18)
Going a-Maying (SATB)
Going Away (ATTB)
Good-bye, Sweetheart
Good-Night (Good Night, Beloved) (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N186 v.6)
Good Wishes (SATB)
Grace After Meat (Oculi omnium) (SATB)
The Happiest Land (ATTB N__ v.7)
Hark! The Convent Bells (SATB)
He That Hath a Pleasant Face (SATB N362 v.12)
The Hemlock Tree (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N__ v.6)
How Fair, How Bright (SATB)
The Hunt Is Up (ATTB __, SATB N602)
I Loved a Lass, a Fair One (ATTB N__ v.7)
I Loved Her (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N__ v.6)
I Loved Thee
I Met Her in the Quiet Lane (SATB)
If Thou Art Sleeping (SATB),_John_Liptrot) (SATB N60 v.1)
In Our Forest Dell (SSA)
Jack Frost (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N190 v.6)
Keep Time, Keep Time (SATB) N__ v.12?
King Witlaf's Drinking Horn (ATTB N__ v.7)
The Lark (SATB) N__ v.13?
The Letter (ATTB N__ v.7)
The Lifeboat (ATTB ____ N__ v.7)
Lo! The Peaceful Shades (SATB) N__ v.12?
Love me Little, Love me Long (SATB)
The Lye (Goe, Soule, the bodie's guest) (ATTB N__ v.7)
Merrily Sound the Bells (SATB)
The Moon Shone Calmly (SATB) N__ v.13?
Not for Me the Lark (SATB) N__ v.12?
Now Let Us Make the Welkin Ring (SSA)
O Night (ATTB)
Over Hill, Over Dale (SATB)
The Red, Red Rose (O My Love) (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N183 v.6)
Parting and Meeting (SATB)
The Pearl Divers (SATB N__ v.1)
The Reproach (SATB) N__ v.13?,_John_Liptrot) (SATTB)
The Rivals (SATB)
The Roses (SATB)
The Sailor's Song (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N185 v.6)
See, the Rooks are Homeward Flying (SATB)
Shall I, Wasting in Despair (ATTB N__ v.7)
Sleep, My Sweet (ATTB)
Softly Fall the Shades of Evening (SATB)
Song of the Gipsy Maidens (SATB N207)
A Song of Winter (ATTB)
Song to Pan (SATB N59 v.1)
The Spring Song (SATB)
Spring, the Sweet Spring (SATB) N__ v.13?
Spring, ye Flow'rets (ATTB)
Stars of the Summer Night (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N188 v.6)
Summer Eve (ATTB, SATB)
The Summer Gale (SATB)
The Sweet Creature (ATTB)
Sweet Lady Moon (SATB)
The Swing (SATB) N__ v.13?
Take Heart (SATB) N__ v.13?
Tar's Song (ATTB N__ v.7)
To Julia (ATTB)
Twilight (SATB) N__ v.13?
Twilight Now Is Round Us (SATB) N__ v.13?
The Urchin's Dance (SATB)
The Venetian Boatman's Evening Song (SATB)
The Village Blacksmith (ATTB N__ v.7, SATB N192 v.6)
The Village Dance (SATB)
Warrior's Song (ATTB N__ v.7)
The Waterfall (SATB)
The Way to Build a Boat, or Jack's Opinion (ATTB N__ v.7)
What Is Got by Sighing (SATB) N__ v.13?'%27s_Twilight_(Hatton,_John_Liptrot) (ATTB N215 v.7, SATB N180 v.6, SSA)
Where Are the Angels, Mother (SSA)
Where Shall the Lover Rest (SATB) N__ v.13?
Whether Kissed By Sunbeams (SATB)
The Wrecked Hope (SATB) N__ v.13?
Youth, Joy, and Hope (SSA)

The Tempest, a descriptive overture,_John_Liptrot)

The Friars of Orders Grey?
The Leather Bottel?
Old King Cole?
Watkins' Evening party?
Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred?
The Protestant?