List of works by Johan Halvorsen

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  • Bojarenes inntogsmarsj (Entry March of the Boyars) for Orchestra (or Concert Band) (1895)
  • Festovertyre (Norwegian Festival Overture), Op.16 (1899)
  • Nächtlicher Zug from Miniatures for String Orchestra, Op.29 No.2 (1910); arrangement by the composer
  • Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson in Memoriam, Op.30 (1910)
  • Norway's Greeting to Theodore Roosevelt, Op.31 (1910)
  • Suite ancienne to the Memory of Ludvig Holberg, Op.31 (1911)
  • Festmarsj (Festival March). Op.32
  • Scène funèbre
  • Sérénade, Op.33 (1913)
  • Bergensiana, Rococo Varations on an Old Melody from Bergen "Jeg tog min nystemte Cithar i Hænde" (I Took Up My Newly Tuned Zither) (1913)
  • Norske rapsodie No.1 (Norwegian Rhapsody No.1) in A Major (1919–1920)
  • Springar
  • I went so lately to my bed
  • Halling - Springar
  • Norske rapsodie No.2 (Norwegian Rhapsody No.2) in G Major (1919–1920)
  • Dance tune from Åmot
  • Han Ole
  • Springar
  • Symphony No.1 in C Minor (1923)
  • Symphony No.2 "Fatum" in D Minor (1924, revised 1928)
  • Symphony No.3 in C Major (1929)
  • Norske eventyrbylleder (Norwegian Fairy-tale Pictures), Op.37 (1933); reworking of 1925 incidental music
  • Peik, prinsessen og stortrollet (Peik, the Princess and the Big Troll)
  • Prinsessen kommer ridende på bjørnen (The Princess Comes Riding on a Bear)
  • Trollenes inntog i berget det blå (Entry of the Trolls into the Town Hall)
  • Dans av småtroll (Dance of the Little Trolls)
  • Festovertyre (Norwegian Festival Overture), Op.38
  • Elegi for String Orchestra
  • Forspill til den hvite Ring
  • Rabnabryllaup uti Kraakjalund, Norwegian Folk-Song Arrangement for String Orchestra

Incidental music

  • Gurre, Op.17; music for the play by Holger Drachmann
  • Nordraakiana
  • Askeladden
  • Reisen til Julestjernen (Journey to the Christmas Star); music for the play by Sverre Brandt
  • Tordenskjold, Op.18; music for the historical play by Jacob Breda Bull
  • Kongen (The King), Op.19; music for the play by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
  • Fossegrimen, Op.21; music for the play by Sigurd Eldegard
  • Vasantasena; music for the old Indian play
  • The Merchant of Venice; music for the William Shakespeare play
  • Much Ado about Nothing (1915); music for the William Shakespeare play
  • Livet i skogen, Op.33; music for William Shakespeare's As You Like It
  • Dronning Tamara (Queen Tamara); music for the play by Knut Hamsun
  • Macbeth (1920); music for the William Shakespeare play

Concert band

  • Hallingdal Bataljon's Marsj (1882–1883)
  • Gatemarsj (Street March)
  • Norwegian Sea Picture
  • Salutation to the Royal Couple of Norway


  • Air norvégien (Norwegian Air) for Violin and Orchestra, Op.7 (1896 piano/1903 orchestra).
  • Veslemøy's Song for Violin and Orchestra (1898); dedicated to Kathleen Parlow
  • Norwegian Song "The Old Fisherman's Song" for Violin and String Orchestra, Op.31 (1901, 1913)
  • Andante Religioso for Violin and Orchestra (1903)
  • Concerto in G Minor for Violin and Orchestra, Op.28 (1909)
  • Bryllupsmarsch, Norwegian Wedding March for Violin and Orchestra, Op.32 No.1
  • Danses norvégiennes No.1 for Violin and Orchestra (1915)
  • Danses norvégiennes No.2 for Violin and Orchestra (1915)

Chamber music


  • Varde, Cantata for Male Chorus and Orchestra, Op.11 (1904); words by Per Sivle
  • Alrune for Soprano Solo, Female Chorus and Chamber Orchestra, Op.20 No.1
  • Kantate ved kroningen i Trondhjems Domkirke den 22 juni 1906 for Soprano, Baritone, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, Harp and Organ, Op.27 (1906); words by Sigvald Skavlan
  • Bergensiana for Mixed Chorus

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