List of works by Jules de Swert

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  • Die Albigenser, Opera, 1878. Published by Pohl, 1883.
  • Graf Hammerstein, Opera, 1884 (After Wilhelm Jacoby. Premiered Mainz, 1884 February 7. Published (1885) parts mostly at Liszt Hochschule, Weimar. RISM 280000806 - notes that this is, in some sources (e.g. Bartels), confused with Wilbrandt's play of the same name premiered in 1873 in Weimar. Libretto has been digitized by BSB.)
  • Symphony
  • Op.8. Mouvement perpétuel
  • Op.9. Grande fantaisie sur 'Faust' (ca.1870)
  • Op.10. Caprice sur un motif espagnol. Seitz, 1869.
  • Op.11. 3 Morceaux caractéristiques p. Vclle et Pfte. Forberg, 1869.
  • Op.12. Ballade No.2 in A minor. Seitz, 1869.
  • Op.13. Souvenir. Mélodie p. Vclle av. Pfte. Forberg, 1869.
  • Op.16. 2 Pieces for Cello and Piano. N. Simrock, 1870.
  • Op.19. Une Larme. Mélodie p. Vclle av. Pfte. Praeger & Maier, 1871.
  • Op.20. Ballade No.3 in B-flat. Praeger & Maier, 1871.
  • Op.22. Album lyrique. Breslau: Hainauer, 1871.
  • Op.24. An die Geliebte. Vlämisches Gedicht v. E. van Oye. Schott, 1873.
  • Op.25. Fantasia for Cello and Piano
  • Op.26. Fantaisie de salon sur des airs scandinaves.
  • Op.29. 3 Duos de salon. Luckhardt, 1873.~
  • Op.32. Cello Concerto No.1 in D minor.
  • Op.33. Marche funèbre for piano. Published 1875 by Schott.
  • Op.38. Cello Concerto No.2 in C minor. Spina, 1878.
  • Op.40. Concertstück (Dm.) f. Vcello m. Pfte. Schott, 1883.
  • Op.42. Romance sans Paroles (E) p. Vcelle (or Violon) av. Piano. Schott, 1883.
  • Op.44. Impromptu in G minor for cello and piano. Brussels: Bertram, 1886.
  • Op.45. Le Désir. Morceau de Salon p. V. av. Piano. Brüssel, Bertram, 1886.
  • Op.46.. Rêverie (Em.) p. V. av. Piano. Brüssel, Bertram 1886.
  • Op.46. also Ave Maria p. 3 Voix de Femmes (ou 3 Voix d’Hommes) et Vcelle obl. av. Org. ou Piano. Schott, 1883.
  • Op.49. Caprice burlesque sur des Airs populaires p. Vcelle av. Piano. Brussels: Bertram, 1886.
  • Op.50. Gradus ad Parnassum, ou le mécanisme moderne du violoncelle. Leipzig, 1888.
  • Cello Concerto No.3
  • Elegy for cello and piano, 1925.
  • Cello Method (treatise on the Violoncello), Novello, 1882
  • 3 Books of Etudes for cello
  • Gradus ad Parnassum ou le mecanisme moderne du violoncelle, Op.50 (Leipzig, 1888).

Arrangements by de Swert

  • 6 Original Consolations (small pieces for solo piano) by Liszt were arranged for cello and piano by Jules de Swert (1849-1850) (B&H 1870)
(cello versions by Jules de Swert, very highly praised by Liszt himself!)
  • Consolation No.1
  • Consolation No.4