List of works by Philip Legge

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Philip Legge (born 15 January 1972)

Philip Legge, 2005

Works having assigned Opus # [Catalogue #, year of publication]

Catalogue of Musical Works

  • L 1: Fugue à 4
Keyboard, 1989, unpublished
  • L 2: Scherzo in C minor
Orchestra, 1988–89, unpublished
  • L 3: Allegro [after J. Haydn]
Orchestra, 1989, unpublished
  • L 4: Missa brevis
Greek/Latin or English mass setting
SATB soli et chorus, organ, 1991–92, unpublished
  • L 5: Veni creator spiritus!
SATB choir, 1992, incomplete
  • L 6: Sanctus
Latin (unrelated to L 4 above)
SSATBB choir a cappella, 1993, incomplete
  • L 7: Three pieces for large orchestra
Orchestra, 1999–2000, unpublished
  • L 8: Epithalamium for a Barbarian
Mock English text by composer
mixed-voice choir and soli, 2001, incomplete
  • L 9: A vision in a dream
Orchestra, 2002, incomplete
English text by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834)
Soprano solo, SSATTBB choir, 2 Flutes, Orchestral Harp, 2003–04
Vocal score pub. 2006 (CPDL), full score pub. 2008 (IMSLP)
  • L 11: Libera me and In paradisum
Tenor solo, mixed-voice choir, orchestra, 2004, incomplete
Latin vulgate, psalm verse
Canon à 3 (fuga à 4 ad libitum)
SAB or SATB, 2004, revised à 4 2005, pub. 2004 (Melbourne), 2006 (CPDL)
  • L 13: Media vita
mixed-voice choir, 2005, unpublished
  • L 14: ROCS Theme Song
English text by composer (unrelated to L 21 below)
mixed-voice choir, 2005, unpublished
  • L 15: Chocolate Song
English text by composer
mixed-voice choir, 2005, fragment
  • L 16: Lontano
Violoncello (or prepared recording), wordless mixed-voice double choir, 2006, unpublished
Latin text: Gaius Valerius Catullus (ca. 84 BC – ca. 54 BC)
SATB choir a cappella, 2006, pub. 2006 (CPDL)
  • L 18: Quodlibet
Various texts
2 flutes (1 doub. picc.), piano, mixed-voice double choir, 2006, unpublished
English text by the composer
SSAATTBB choir, tenor drum, 2007, unpublished
4 horns (in F), 4 trumpets (2 in E or D, 2 in Bb), 4 trombones (3 tenor, bass), bass tuba, composed 2007; revised with timp and perc (bass drum, cymb, tamtam) ad libitum, 2008
Dedicated to Michael Winikoff, pub. 2008 (IMSLP)
  • L 21: ROCS Song Nº 3
Double canon à 4
mixed-voice choir, multiple possibilities 1v – 8vv, 2008, unpublished
SATB choir, tenor trombone, keyboard, timps, 5–6 perc (glock, bass d., snare d., tamtam, cymb, tom-toms, bongos, congas), 2009
pub. 2009 (CPDL, IMSLP)


(It is not my intention to include these within the run of original compositions above, even for significant composition within a work. The works above is a chronological list and should stay that way; the arrangements below are grouped by composer instead.)

  • Antoine Brumel, Missa: Et ecce terræ motus (completion), SSSAAATTTBBB choir a cappella, 1996–2005
  • Gabriel Fauré, Requiem in D minor, Op. 48 (1888/1893 versions; full score), 2000/2005
  • Gabriel Fauré, Cantique de Jean Racine, Op. 11, SATB choir, strings (, 2007
  • Hector Berlioz, H 92B La mort d'Ophélie, strings (, 2 horns ad lib., 2005
  • Wolfgang Amadé Mozart, KV 427 (417ª) Great Mass in C (completed with movements from KV 262 (246ª) Missa longa, KV 339 Missa solemnis), 2002–09
  • Hubert Parry, Jerusalem, SATTBB choir a cappella, 1993; SATTBB choir and brass band, 2004
  • Schubert, D 759, Symphony in B minor (completed with movement from D 797 Rosamunde, Fürstin von Zypern), 2002–08
  • Tallis, Spem in alium nunquam habui à 40, eight SATBarB choirs, full score, 2004–08; arr. for string orch. and brass band, 2008
  • Sandra Uitdenbogerd, I must replace the space tale, mixed-voice choir and stage band, 2006
  • Theresa Wallner, Peace be, mixed-voice choir, 2 flutes (2 pref. alto flute), cello, 2004
  • Michael Winikoff, This is Australia and Three madrigals, mixed-voice choir and brass quartet, 2007