List of works by Robert Fuchs

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  • Grote, Adalbert (1994). Robert Fuchs : Studien zu Person und Werk des Wiener Komponisten und Theorielehrers. München : Musikverlag E. Katzbichler; Berliner musikwissenschaftliche Arbeiten, Bd. 39.
  • HMB
  • ÖNB

Works with Opus Number

  1. Im Walde (Paul Heyse)
  2. „Die schönste Rose, die da blüht“
  3. Ein Stündlein wohl vor Tag (Eduard Mörike)
  4. Zwiegesang (Robert Reinick)
  5. Das kranke Mädchen: „Es geht ein krankes Mädchen hin durch die Sommernacht“
  6. Die Nachtigall (Theodor Storm).
  7. Mondaufgang (Max Kalbeck)
  8. Schmeichelkätzchen (Jos. Huggenberger)
  • Op.65 - 3 Works for Female Choir and Piano
  • Op.66 - Songs for Female Choir and Orchestra
    • No.1. "Elfen und Zwerge" (text by Lingg; autograph at ÖNB)
  • Op.67 - 2 Songs for 3-Part Women's Chorus with Violin, Viola and Piano (Gestille Sehnsucht and Frühlingsdämmerung) (published 1901 by Adolf Robitschek)
  • Op.68 - Violin Sonata No.3 in D minor
  • Op.69 - 8 Songs
  • Op.70 - 7 Works for Double Women's Choir with String Quartet or Strings (ONB has the autograph of the first three, dated 1903 January. Grote gives 1902 composition date.) Published 1903 by Robitschek.
  1. Die Lerchen. "Es ziehen die Wolken". (Rob. Hamerling.)
  2. "Lass die Rosen schlummern." (Rob. Hamerling.)
  3. Die Spielleute. "Frühmorgens durch die Klüfte". (Jos. Freiherr v. Eichendorff.)

Works without Opus Number

  • Amoretten - 15 easy Pieces for Violin and Piano (is this different from op.54?? when composed? - Schissel)
  • Die Teufelsglocke, Opera in 3 Acts (1891) (particell concluded 3 October 1891)
  • 3 Duets for 2 Violins
  • Hahnenwalzer for Cello and Piano
  • Humoreske for Piano
  • Kanon for Violin and Cello (1908)
  • Mass in F (1896 July-September)
  • O freudenreicher Tag, carol arrangement (ca.1915)
  • Piano Sonata (ms., 1865)
  • Prelude and Fugue for Organ in D-flat major (1909) (the opening prelude was published by Junne the same year.)
  • Variation for Organ in D-flat major (1911)
  • String Quartet (fragmentary?) (No.??) in C (4 leaves?) (composed in what year?) (ÖNB link)
  • String Quartet (fragmentary?) (No.0a?) in B (17 leaves?) (1868) (ÖNB link)
  • String Quartet (No.0b?) in B (finale only?) (19.11.1871) (ÖNB) (link)
  • String Quartet No.5 "Amont 2.9.1925" (autograph manuscript listed in Austrian Library ONB Musiksammlung catalog. ???)
  • Symphony in B minor (1868)
  • Symphony in G minor (1872 - Mentioned in March 20 1872 Allgemeine musikaliche Zeitung. 2 movements in autograph score exist at ÖNB.)
  • Theme with Variations for Organ
  • Variations and Fugue on an Original Theme for Organ
  • Wiegenlied for Piano
  • Mass in C (vocal and instrumental parts at Pfarre St. Joseph ob der Laimgrube in Vienna) (A-Wsj 298)
  • Many works (mostly brief) in the collection of the Austrian National Library (listed in their Musiksammlung catalog)