List of works by Shiqi Geng

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The two tables below give the following informaton for works by Geng Shiqi (where applicable):

  • S. — numbers allocated in: Shiqi Marnat, Geng Shiqi
  • Original Author — only given in cases where Geng arranged or edited a work by another composer.
  • Title — as used on IMSLP;
  • Forces — the instrumentation used.
  • Key — the principal key of the work.
  • Date — the year(s) of composition or arrangement, where known.
  • Genre — works are grouped in the following broad categories: Orchestra, Concerto, Choral (for many voices), Vocal (for individual voices), Chamber, and Keyboard.
  • Notes — concerning versions of works, texts, etc.

The note "[arr.]" indicates the composer's own arrangement of a work shown elsewhere in the table.

Original Works

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Ch Title Forces Key Date Genre Notes
S.1 Shi Zhi Xiang Kou (十指相扣) Voice, Piano D minor 2011 Vocal Words by unknown
S.2 Violin Concerto Violin, Orchestra D major 2011 Concerto 4 movements
S.3 the Bells choir, orchestra 2011-12 Choral Words by Edgar Allan Poe
S.4 Violin Sonata Violin, Piano A minor 2011-12 Chamber
S.5 Les valses Piano A major 2012 Keyboard
S.5a Les valses [arr.] Orchestra A major 2011-12 Orchestra
S.6 Suite antique Piano D minor 2011-12 Keyboard
S.6a Suite antique [arr.] Orchestra D minor 2011-12 Orchestra
S.7 Pèlerinage vers l'Ouest Violin, Piano D minor 2012 Chamber créé le 20,novembre,2012 à Paris,France par Olivier Charlier(violon) et Chingling Chow (piano)
S.8 Berceuse Piano C major 2012 Keyboard
S.9 Sonatina for Solo Violin Violin E minor 2012 Chamber n'est encore achevée
S.10 3 Chansons de l'amour et la mort Mezzo-soprano, flute, harp, viola 2012 Vocal
S.11 Piano Concerto in C major piano, orchestra C major 2012 Concerto
S.12 Sextuor flute, clarinet, horn, piano, viola, cello 2011-13 Chamber
S.13 Le petit prince Voices, orchestra 2013 Opera n'est encore achevé
S.14 Ballade pour deux pianos 2 pianos B major 2014 Keyboard
S.15 L'enterrement des fleurs Mezzo-soprano, flute, xiao (Chinese flute), harp, cello C major 2014 Vocal
S.16 Le rêve de Chine violin, piano G major 2014 Chamber
S.17 En présence d'un Bouddha piano F-sharp major 2014 Keyboard
S.18 Suite des poupées violin, piano 2014 Chamber
S.19 Suite de l'iris piano D minor 2014 Keyboard n'est encore achevée
Prelude Piano 2006-07 Keyboard
Petite valse Piano 2006-07 Keyboard
Trois chansons pour le choeur d'enfants choeur d'enfants ,orchestre 2010 Choral
Tarantelle Orchestra D major 2011-13 Orchestra
Trumpet Concerto trumpet, orchestra B major 2011 Concerto
Havanaise orchestra D minor 2011 Orchestra
Une mélodie tranquille Piano C major 2012 Keyboard
Viola Concerto viola, orchestra E major 2012-2013 Concerto
Menuet de mariage violin, piano G major 2013 Chamber
Prends cette Rose Voice, piano E minor 2013 Vocal
La petite boîte à musique piano 2013 Keyboard
L'anniversaire d'une princesse voices, chorus, orchestra 2013 Opera
Danse cultuelle violin, piano E major 2013 Chamber créé le 26,décembre,2014 à Xiamen,Chine par Olivier Charlier(violon) et Chingling Chow (piano)
Poème triste Cello, Piano G major 2013 Chamber
Suite in G-flat major piano 2012-13 Keyboard
Trio for Flute, Cello and Piano Flute, Cello, Piano 2013 Chamber
Sonata for Piano Four Hands Piano 4 hands A major 2013-14 Keyboard