List of works by George Onslow

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Works with Opus number

Quintet (2 cellos) #2 : Opus 1 n°2 - 1806

Works without Opus number

  • accompaniment of a romance (“Souvenirs d’Auvergne“) for piano - 1841
  • 6 pieces for piano, without opus - ca 1847/48
  • Fantasy composed on "l’Ange gardien" for piano, without opus - 1849
  • Andante (written on the Album of Mrs Adolphe Adam) for piano- 18?
  • The two Duos for four handed piano in a 19th century edition. (Private collection).
  • Symphony #3 : without opus - 1833 (arrangement for orchestra of the String Quintet No.10, Op.32)
  • Overture of the opera "The two uncles".
(Castle of Aulteribe)
  • Introduction et variations sur l'air 'Au Clair de la lune'.

4 Operas without Opus

 The two uncles (Opera) - ca 1806

  • The Alcade of Vega (Lyric drama) - 1822/24

  • The Pedlar (Le colporteur, Der Hausireur, L'Enfant du bûcheron) (Comic-opera) - 1826 (premiered 1827, Paris. Variations on themes (and reductions, etc. of the overture?) from this opera written by Czerny (Op.90), Kuhlau (Op.98), others.) Most of the performing material at Detmold library.
The Duke of (?) Guise or the States of Blois (Lyric drama) - 1835/36

Vocal works


"Le Garde du corps", (romance) - 1817

  • "La jeune Grecque", (romance with choirs) - 1826

  • Le premier baron chrétien (nocturno) - 1826

  • "Le Printemps" (nocturno) - 1826

  • " Dante in Paradise", (ballad)- ca 1835 

  • Ave Maria for four voices - 1838

  • Noël des Grands-Jours - 1844
  • Caïn maudit ou la mort d'Abel (dramatic scene
 for bass and orchestra or piano) - 1846

  • Canticle for the Blessed Virgin for two sopranos - 
with accompaniment of piano or organ - without date
  • Les regrets