List of works by Or Vaitzman

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List of works

V# W# C# Year Genre Title Alternative Title Information Dedication
V.1 W.1 2018 Sketch Sketch for an Etude, V.1 Sketch later reused in Etudes De Vaitzman, V.2
V.2 W.2-16a 2018 Etudes Études De Vaitzman, V.2 A set of 14 Piano Études.
V.2/13bis W.14bis 2018-2019 Etude Etude pour la main gachue seule, d'apres le theme de etude "curiosité" An alternative version of the 13th etude from Etudes De Vaitzman, "Curiosity". Stephan Shor
V.3 W.17 C.1 2018 Nocturne Nocturne No.1 in A major, V.3 All is fine, My sweet darling A collaboration with Romain Gandillet.
V.4 W.18 2018 Rondo Rondo, V.4 Kleines Rondo A short Rondo for Piano and Violin.
V.5 W.19-20 2018 Themes Two Themes for Rotary Organ, V.5 Two short themes for Organ. Peferred to be peformed on a Rotary Organ. Yossi Vaitzman
V.6 W.21-22 2018 Preludes Two Preludes, V.6 Two short preludes.
V.6/2aII W.22aII 2018 Coda Ossia de Coda, V.6/2aII Ossia for the Coda of Prelude 2a.
V.7 W.23 2018 Etude, Paraphrase Etude after Hungarian Rhapsody No.2, V.7 A sort-of Paraphrase on Liszt's famous Hungarian Rhapsody, using the introduction and theme from the Friska, a theme from the Lassan, and the Cadenza. Franz Liszt
V.8 W.24 2018 Etude Étude Fantastique, V.8 An Étude in a Fantasy, or Capriccio style, changing keys and moods.
V.8a W.24a 2018-2019 Fantasia Fantasia, V.8a An alternative version of Étude Fantastique (V.8) titled "Fantasia"
V.9 W.25 2018 Romance Romance in E minor, V.9 A short Romance for Piano and Guitar.
V.10 W.26-37 2018-2020 Études Douze Grandes Études, V.10 12 Études dedicated to Victoria Robinsky, My dear piano teacher. Victoria Robinsky
V.10/1bis W.26bis 2018 Étude Etude, V.10/1bis The uncompleted first edition in manuscript for the first etude. Victoria Robinsky
V.11 W.38 2018 Sketch, Sonatina Sketch for a Sonatina, V.11 A sketch for a little four movements Sonatina.
V.12 W.39-45 2018 Preludes Les Sept Grands Préludes, V.12 7 Preludes dedicated to Chopin. Frédéric Chopin
V.13 W.46 2018 Étude Étude Pour Ia Main Gauche Seule - D'après Étude Fantastique, V.13 Etude for the left hand An Étude taking a theme from Étude Fantastique and transcripting it for the left hand only. Leopold Godowsky
V.14 W.47-48 2018 Studies Two Studies after Douze Grandes Études, V.14 Two studies after two themes from the Douze Grandes Études, V.10. Victoria Robinsky
V.15 W.49-53 2018 Transcriptions 2 Transcriptions of Original Pieces - See Romance, Rondo. 2 Transcriptions after Original Pieces by Vaitzman himself.
V.16 W.54-58 2018 Etudes, Paraphrases Grande Études D'apres Mozart, V.16 5 Paraphrases after Mozart pieces that were either for Keyboard, or anything else. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
V.17 W.59 2018 Arrangment Easy Arrangment of Joplin's "The Entertainer", V.17 An easy arrangment of Joplin's famous Ragtime - The Entertainer.
V.18 W.60 2016 Minuet Minuet in C major, V.18 A little Minuet composed in 2016, then transcripted in 2018 from audio. Romain Gandillet
V.19 W.61 2012-2017 Variations Short Theme and Variations, V.19 A short theme Improvised in 2012, then expanded to variations until 2017. SaltedAlmonds
V.20 W.62 2017 Canon Canon in F major, V.20 A canon for seven completely mixed instruments. Yossi Vaitzman
V.21 W.63 2017 Morceaux Heartbeat, V.21 A piece describing the Heartbeat, or at least it's supposed to. Dina Golan
V.22 W.64 2015 Morceaux Roses and Sunflowers, V.22 A piece describing Roses and Sunflowers, as of being calm and quiet. Edna Montavlo Fernandez
V.22bis W.64bis 2015-2019 Morceaux, Fantaisie Andante Cantabillie in F# Minor, V.22bis Grande Fantaisie de Concert An alternative, expanded version of the Roses And Sunflowers, Morceaux in A minor. Also considered as a fantasy. Edna Montavlo Fernandez
V.23 W.65 2017 Prelude Prelude in C major, V.23 An old prelude combined from two old Sketches, out of old Sheets. Dina Golan
V.24 W.66 2018 Image Image for the Left Hand alone, V.24 L'arpa A short Image only for the left hand.
V.25 W.67 2018 Arrangment Bach's Invention in D minor arranged for Two Pianos, V.25 An arrangment of Bach's Invention in D minor for Two Pianos.
V.26 W.68-69 2017-2018 Sketches Two Sketches, V.26 Two old sketches found in old files, later reused in Études De Vaitzman.
V.27 W.70 2018 Interlude Interlude for Violin, V.27 A short Interlude for solo vioin.
V.28 W.71 2018 Berceuse Berceuse, V.28 A Berceuse for piano solo. Nikolay Cavallo
V.29 W.72 C.2 2018 Symphonic Poem "Trick or Treat?", V.29 A Symphonic Poem composed since Halloween to now. Collaborated with Romain Gandillet and SaltedAlmonds.
V.30 W.73 2018 Paraphrase Concert Paraphrase on John Cage's "4'33", V.30 Paraphrase on John Cage's 4'33. No, Seriously. John Cage
V.31 W.74-85 2018-2020 Études, Capriccios Grande Étude-Caprices, V.31 Douze Études Caractéristiques A set of 12 Études, or Capriccios dedicated to Franz Liszt. Franz Liszt
V.32 W.86-87 2017-2019 Bagatelles Two Bagatelles for Player Piano, V.32 Two Bagatelles for Player Piano. The themes were thought of around 2017-2018, and the majority was composed in 2018. The files were later found, and corrected/added some notes in 2019, then published.
V.33 W.88-107 2019 Studies, Paraphrases Zwanzig große Etüden auf Bachstücken, V.33 20 Études sur des pièces de J.S.Bach 20 Studies on Bach Pieces. Johann Sebastian Bach
V.34 W.108 2018 Sketch Sketch, V.34 An old sketch composed in 2018. Yik Hay Wan
V.35 W.109 2019 Cadenza Cadenza for Étude Fantastique, V.35 An improvised cadenza for Étude Fantastique, V.8 .
V.36 W.110 2018-2019 Cadenza Cadenza for Rondo in C, V.36 A cadenza for the Rondo in C major, V.4 . Unlike the Etude Fantastique Cadenza, this one wasn't improvised.
V.36a W.110a 2018-2019 Cadenza Second Cadenza, V.36a A second cadenza for the Rondo in C major.
V.37 W.111-113 2017-2018 Interludes Trois Grandes Interludes, V.37 3 Interludes found in old files.
V.38 W.114 2018 Prelude Prelude for Guitar, V.38 Preludio Little Prelude for Solo Guitar.
V.39 W.115 2019 Cadenza Cadenza for Liszt's Rondeau Fantastique sur un theme espagnol (S.252), V.39 An improvised cadenza for Liszt's Rondo fantastique, El Contrabandista.
V.40 W.116 2018 Interlude "Sunrise" Interlude, V.40 A short Interlude nicknamed "Sunrise". Eightan Harush
V.41 W.117-118 2019 Inventions Two Experimental Inventions, V.41 Two experimental pieces defined as inventions. Composed after studying Bach's invention No.4 and No.8 . Bernard Greenberg
V.42 W.119-121 2018 Sketches Three Old Sketches, V.42 Three old sketches that were later used in etudes.
V.43 W.122 2018 Prelude Impossible Prelude, V.43 An impossible prelude for violin. Not meant to be played, only to be listened to.
V.44 W.123-126 2018-2020 Sonatina Sonatina in C major, V.44 A 4 movements sonatina dedicated to Mozart. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
V.45 W.127-133 2018-2020 Etudes Etudes de Technique Virtuose, V.45 Les Nouvelles Etudes Seven Etudes written for piano that require a virtuosic technique. Talia Cohen
V.45/2bis W.128bis 2018-2020 Csardas Csardas in D minor, V.45/2bis A csardas written on the theme of the second etude from Etudes de Technique Virtuose. Franz Liszt
V.46 W.134 2017-2018 Fantasia Fantasia in C major, V.46 A little old fantasia composed for piano. Steven Liberman
V.47 W.135 2018 Album-Leaf Album-Leaf in G major, V.47 A short album-leaf for piano.
V.47a W.135a 2018 Album-Leaf Album-Leaf in E minor, V.47a A short album-leaf for piano.
V.47b W.135b 2018 Album-Leaf Album-Leaf "Telephone", V.47b A short album-leaf for piano.
V.47c W.135c 2018 Sketch Sketch for a March, V.47c A short sketch for a March, using a theme of an Israeli March.
V.47d W.135d 2019 Album-Leaf Album-Leaf in C major, V.47d A short album-leaf for piano.
V.48 W.136 2018 Sketch Sketch - Capriccio in C minor, V.48 A sketch for a piece supposed to be "Capriccio in C minor for Piano and Guitar".
V.49 W.137 C.3 2018-2019 Prelude Prelude in G minor, V.49 A short prelude in G minor for piano. Half was written by Victoria Robinsky, and the second half was written by Or Vaitzman.
V.50 W.138 2019 Prelude Prelude in F major "Clouds", V.50 A Prelude in F major written for solo piano. The title was suggested by Nikolay Cavallo. Dina Golan