Recorder Sonata in F major, S.765 (Marcello, Benedetto)




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Allegro (No.2)

For 2 Flugelhorns and Bass Trombone (Rondeau)

MP3 file (audio)
Michrond (2019/10/18)

Performers MIDI
Publisher Info. Michel Rondeau, 2019.
Misc. Notes These file(s) are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.
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Sheet Music

Scores and Parts

PDF typeset by editor
Vangi (2014/7/12)

Editor Daniel Van Gilst
Publisher. Info. Daniel Van Gilst, EN 2014-118(1-6)
Misc. Notes Separate parts included
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Arrangements and Transcriptions

For Violin and Piano (Salmon)

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Afp0815 (2014/6/22)

PDF scanned by US-R
Afp0815 (2014/6/22)

PDF scanned by US-R
Afp0815 (2014/6/22)

Arranger Joseph Salmon (1864-1943)
Publisher. Info. Paris: Société anonyme des Éditions Ricordi, 1914. Plate R. 73.
Misc. Notes Transposed to D major.
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Allegro (No.2)

For 2 Flugelhorns and Bass Trombone (Rondeau)

PDF typeset by arranger
Michrond (2019/10/18)

ZIP typeset by arranger
Michrond (2019/10/18)

Arranger Michel Rondeau (b. 1948)
Publisher. Info. Michel Rondeau, 2019.
Misc. Notes These file(s) are part of the Werner Icking Music Collection.
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General Information

Work Title Recorder Sonata in F major
Alternative. Title
Composer Marcello, Benedetto
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. S.765 ; Op.2 No.1
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. IBM 166
Key F major
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 4 movements:
  1. Adagio
  2. Allegro
  3. Largo
  4. Allegro
First Publication. 1712 in 12 Recorder Sonatas, Op.2 (No.1)
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Baroque
Piece Style Baroque
Instrumentation recorder, continuo

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Salmon Baroque Violin Sonatas
(Both complete sonatas and selected movements)
R = Ricordi's plate numbers
R.60. Fesch: 12 Sonatas, Op.4. Sonata No.11 (transposed)
R.61 Fesch Prelude Allemande
R.62 Fesch Sarabande Menuet
R.63. R63 Fesch Sonate Op.8 No.3 Dm
R64 Fesch Sicilienne Allemande
R65 Fesch Andante Cantabile
R66 Fesch Menuet
R67 Eccles Sonate (Gm)
R68 Eccles Grave Courante
R69 Eccles Adagio Vivace
R70 Cervetto Sonate (Dm) Op.3 No.1
R71 Cervetto Adagio et allegro
R72 Cervetto Andante cantabile et Allegro
R73 Marcello Sonate Op.2.No.1 (Gm)
R74 Marcello Grave Allegro
R75 Marcello Largo et Vivace
R76 Sammartini Sonate G
R77 Sammartini Allegro
R78 Sammartini Grave
R79 Sammartini Vivace
R80 Senaille Allegro Spiritoso Op.4 No.4
R81 Guerini Allegro con brio (Cello Sonata Op.9 No.5)
R82 Rameau Gavotte Les Indes Galantes
R83 Rameau Menuet Platee
R84 Couperin Les cherubins
R345 Antoniotti Sonate (Gm)
R346 Ariosti Sonate Em
R347 Ariosti Sonate G
R348 Birckenstock Sonate Em
R349 Boccherini Menuet G
R350 Bononcini Sonate Am
R351 Caporale Sonate Dm
R352 Cervetto Sonate G Op.3 No.5
R353 Corelli (Dm) Op.5 No.8
R354 Dall'Abaco Sonate (F) Op.4 No.3
R355 Dupuits Sonate (D)
R356 Galliard Sonate G Transposed from F major
R357 Galliard (Em)
R358 Gasparini Sonate (Em)
R359 Grazioli Sonate
R360 Guerini Sonate G Op.1 no 4
R361 Caix d'Hervelois Gavotte
R362 Caix d'Hervelois Cello Sonata in A minor arr
R363 Leclair Sonata Op.5 No.10 Tambourin
R364 Loeillet Sonate (Am)Op.3 No.5
R365 Loeillet Sonata Op.3 No.11 in G
R366 Marais Sonate C (orig v da g)
R367 Marcello Sonate Op.1 No.2 (Em)
R368 Marcello Sonate Op.1 No.6 (G)
R369 Marcello Sonate Op.1 No.1 (F)
R370 Marcello) Sonate Op.1 No.4 (Gm)
R371 Pianelli Sonate (G)
R372 Porpora Sonate (F)
R373 Rameau Gavotte Les Indes Galantes
R373 Rameau Le temple de la gloire Gavotte
R374 Senaille Sonate Op 4 no 9 Largo et gigue
R375 Senaillé Menuet Sonata, Op.3 No.8
R376 Senaillé Sarabande et Allemande Sonata, Op.3 No.9
R377 Senaillé Vivace Sonata, Op.5 No.7
R378 Somis Sonate (G)cello sonata Op.6 No.10
R379 Tricklir Cello Sonata No.1 F (transposed to G ma)
R380 Valentini Sonate Bfl transposed from Afl
R720-755 and 808
R720 Corelli Sonate La Folia
R721 Corelli Sonate G
R722 Corelli Sonate F
R723 Guignon Sonate G
R724 Veracini Sonate Dm
R725 Veracini Sonate Gm
R726 Veracini Sonate Am
R727 Veracini Sonate Em
R728 Tartini Sonate (C)
R729 Tartini Sonate Am Op.7 No.4
R730 Tartini Sonate Cm
R731 Tartini Sonate Gm Op.1 No.10
R732 Vivaldi Sonate Cm
R733 Vivaldi Sonate Em
R734 Vivaldi Sonate Bfl
R735 Nardini Sonate No.12 C transposed from D
R736 Nardini Sonate Op.2 No.2, G
R737 Loeillet Sonata in D Op.2 No.7
R738 Loeillet Sonate G
R739 Valentini Sonate Am
R740 Borghi Fsh m
R741 Guerini Sonate D
R742 Spourni Sonate G
R743 Sammartini Sonate Gm
R744 Geminiani Sonate Gm
R745 Geminiani Sonate Cm
R746 Dandrieu Sonate G Op.2 No.3
R747 Benda Sonate G
R748 Dall’Abaco Sonate Am
R749 Dall’Abaco Sonate Gm
R750 Visconti Sonate A
R751 D’Auvergne Sonate G
R752 Francoeur Sonate A
R753 Senaille Sonate G
R754 Senaille Sonate G
R755 Mangean Sonate F
R808 Bréval Sonate Op.12 No.5 (G)