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Title page of works by H.D. Ramenti (early 1900s)
Editions by Arthur Napoleão (early 1900s)
Early Villa-Lobos edition (plates 8xxx)
Alberto Nepomuceno edition



Arthur Napoleão was one of the leading Brazilian music publishers of late 19th – first half of 20th century based in Rio de Janeiro. It was founded in 1868 (as printed on the title page of Villa-Lobos edition).

Its name comes from Arthur Napoleão (1843–1925), who became the name partner of earlier Narciso's firm (whose name in earlier editions was spelled as Narcizo). Narciso's previous partner Bevilacqua later had a different editorial house, E. Bevilacqua & Cia.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Bevilacqua e Narcizo (1860s)
  • Narcizo, Arthur Napoleão & Ca
  • Imperial estabelecimento Pianos e musicas de Narciso & Arthur Napoleão (up to at least 1883)
  • Editora Arthur Napoleão
  • Casa Arthur Napoleão, estabelecimento de pianos e musicas
  • Casa Arthur Napoleão, estabelecimento de pianos, instrumentos e musicas; Sampaio Araujo & Cia.
  • Editora Arthur Napoleão Ltda.


  • Rua dos Ourives, 56, 58 (1870s?)
  • 122 Avenida Rio Branco

Plate Numbers

Dates in italics are estimated.


Plate Composer Work Year
0110 Gottschalk Madeleine 1870
0209 Annibal Napoleão La Pluie de roses, Op.3
1623 Arthur Napoleão Teus lindos olhos, Op.47, arr. for piano 4-hands 1860s, late
1631 Arthur Napoleão Hymno de S. A. o Senhor Conde D'Eu
1821 Napoleão Impromptu-valse, Op.5
1841 Annibal Napoleão Tourbillon de fleurs, Op.14
3183 Bahia O Homem 1887
3669 Nepomuceno Série brasileira
6594 Ramenti Savoia
6827 Nazareth Bambino 1907
6862 Nazareth Fon-Fon 1913
7626 Nepomuceno Hymno á Alsacia-Lorena
7762 Nepomuceno Cloches de Noël
7853 Nepomuceno Thème et variations, Op.28
7904 Nepomuceno Variations sur un thème original, Op.29
7977 Villa-Lobos Danças características africanas, W085 1920
7981 Nepomuceno Brasileira 1920
8006-13 Villa-Lobos A prole do bebê No.1, W140 1920
8124 Villa-Lobos Carnaval das crianças, W157 1920
8144 Villa-Lobos Suíte infantil No.2, W067 1913
8182 Villa-Lobos Louco, W060, 079 1920s, early
8188 Villa-Lobos Amor y perfidia, W135 1926
8196 Villa-Lobos Simples coletânea, W134 1922
8245-48 Villa-Lobos Histórias da carochinha, W148 1923
8262 Villa-Lobos Confidência, W017 1922
8783 Miguez Allegro appassionato, Op.11
9040 Oswald Valsa lenta 1932
9074 Miguez Souvenirs, Op.20 (No.4) 1923
9075 Miguez Souvenirs, Op.20 (No.2)
9080 Miguez Souvenirs, Op.20 (No.1) 1923


Plate Composer Work Year
0042 Villa-Lobos Fábulas características, W076 (No.3) 1971
0154 Villa-Lobos Pequena suíte, W064
0166 Nepomuceno 4 Peças infantis, SN1.28 (No.2) 1960
0168 Nepomuceno 4 Peças infantis, SN1.28 (No.4) 1960
0446 Itiberê A Sertaneja, Op.15 1869 (repr.)
2138 Villa-Lobos O canto do cisne negro, W122, 123 (W123)

Unknown plate numbers

Plate Composer Work Year
Villa-Lobos Ondulando, W082 1920
Villa-Lobos Chôros No.5, W207 1925
Villa-Lobos Sul América, W217 1925
Villa-Lobos Cirandinhas, W210 1926
Villa-Lobos Bailado infernal, W160 1960
Villa-Lobos Improviso No.7, W096 1963
Villa-Lobos Cirandas, W220 1958-73

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