List of works by Henry Cowell

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The table below gives the following information for works by Henry Cowell (where applicable):

  • HC number — From William Lichtenwanger's catalog
  • Title — as used on IMSLP.
  • Tempo — Exactly as written on the score.
  • Key — the principal key of the work, if any.
  • Date — the year(s) of composition, where known.
  • Scoring — the instrumentation used.
  • Genre — as used by IMSLP's categorization system.
  • Notes — including references to related works, and publication information.

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HC No. Title Tempo Key Date Scoring Genre Notes
1 The Waves 1907 Melodic line only Songs Pencil draft incomplete. Unpublished.
2 The Golden Legend Sustained 1908-9 Piano Pieces Unpublished
3 Lullaby Largo - "Running lightly" 1910 Piano Lullabies Notes ran into another page, which is now lost
4 Fragments for Piano Cantabile 1910 Piano Pieces Unpublished
5 Waltz Dreamily - Poco lento 1910 Piano Waltzes Unpublished and unfinished
6 Dirge Adageo 1910-11 Piano Pieces Adagio misspelled and sharps are in the wrong order in the key signature. Unpublished.
7 Dirge Adageo non troppe 1910-11 Piano Pieces Pencil sketch, very sparse. Unpublished.
8 Fragments Vivace/Presto ; Allegro agitato ; Maestoso ; Allegro 1910-11 Piano Pieces Unpublished
9 The Weird Night Presto ; Adagio ; Andante tranquil ; Legato e dolciss 1910-11 Piano Pieces Unpublished
10 The Night Sound Adagio 1910-11 Piano Sonatas Unpublished
11 The Dinosaur's Skirt Dance Molto allegro 1911 Piano Pieces Large note-heads suggest a possible earlier dating of this piece. Unpublished.
12 Funeral March Adagio 1911 Piano Funeral marches Measure 16 completes the theme. Unpublished.
13 Lento Lento quasi Andantino D major 1910-11 Piano Lentos Unpublished
14 March 1911 Piano Marches Unpublished
15 Rippling Waters Presto 1911 Piano Waltzes 3 miniature waltzes written on large orchestral paper. Unpublished
16 Sonata Largo ; Adageo ; Allegro ; Adageo 1911 Piano Sonatas Unfinished after measure 31. Unpublished
17 Waltzes and other sketches 1911 Piano Waltzes Continues the pattern of No.15. Unpublished
18 Andantino Andantino B major 1911-12 Piano Andantinos Unpublished
19 Etude Moderate C major 1911-12 Piano Studies Dating uncertain; it could be earlier. Unpublished
20 The Moonlight Forest Andantino con expressive 1911-12 Piano Pieces Various fragments. Unpublished
21 The Rag Waltz Allegro 1911-12 Piano Waltzes Pencil sketch. Unpublished
22 Ghoul's Gallop Allegretto 1912 Piano Pieces Many rests, and static repetitions. Unpublished.
23 Lento Lento E major 1912 Piano Lentos Unpublished
24 Piano Quartet Allegro 1912 3 Violins, piano Pieces Pencil draft on large orchestral score paper. Unpublished
25 Quasi Fuga Allegretto con moto 1912 Piano Fugues Dedicated to Mrs. Robinson. Unpublished
26 Sonata Allegro 1912 2 Pianos Sonatas Pencil draft incomplete on page 3. Unpublished
27 Opus I Allegretto con moto 1912 Piano Pieces Only nos. 27/2 and 27/4 are known from surviving copies
28 Spring Song 1912 Piano Pieces Unpublished
29 Nocturne Andante con moto 1913 Piano Fugues Complete on page 4. Unpublished
30 Freak de concert Allegro 1913 Piano Pieces Dedicated to Dr. Jaime De Angulo. Unpublished
31 Polish Dance Presto 1913 Piano Dances Pencil draft complete on page 4
32 Prelude No.2 Lento 1913 Piano Preludes Unpublished
33 Prelude No.1 after the Style of Bach Andante 1913 Piano Preludes Dedicated to Dr. Blodgett
34 Valse lente Andante 1913 Piano Waltzes Pencil draft incomplete after measure 31
35 Bersuse [sic] Lento 1913 Piano Berceuses Pencil draft complete. It was dedicated to Clara Malcolm. A description can be found at Worldcat.
36 Fairys Dance No.3 in a Popular Style Presto e delicato sempre 1913 Piano Dances This was Cowell's first work to be mentioned in a review. (35 may be a sketch for 36?)
37 Invention quasi Bach, a tre voce Andante con moto 1913 Piano Inventions See Worldcat listing as per 35 (same work as 35 or manuscript convolute? Unclear!)
38 Brownie's Dance Molto allegro 1913 Piano Dances See WorldCat listing.
39 Romance Presto e delicato sempre 1913 Piano Romances No copy known
40 Savage Suite Presto e delicato sempre 1913 Piano Suites
41 A Fragment Adagio 1913 Piano
42 Etude-Cadenza Allegro con brio 1913 Piano Suites Dedicated to Bernice [Place]
43 Lullaby Allegro con brio 1913 Piano Dedicated to Bernice [Place].
44 Hunting Song Allegro 1913 Piano Dedicated "to Frank"
45 The Awakening Allegretto 1913 Piano
46 Message from Mars Agitato 1913 Piano
47 Quasi Mozart Allegro con brio 1913 Piano
48 Largo Largo 1913 Piano
49 Sonata for Violin and Piano 1913 Violin, Piano Lost
50 Novelette Andante con moto 1913 Piano Pencil draft incomplete
51 Etude Moderate e agitato D minor 1913 Piano
52 Think of You Andante con moto 1913 Contralto, Piano Pencil draft incomplete. Text source is unknown.
53 Salutaris Maestoso 1913 SATB, Piano Text source: Liturgical "O salutaris hostia"
54 Wrinkle Rag Allegro 1913 Piano
55 Love Dance (Valse) for Creation Dawn Tempo di valse 1913 Piano Dedicated to Opal Herron.
56 3 Sonatas 1913 Piano 56/1: in A major. Dedicated "To mama".
56/2: in E-flat major. Dedicated "To Marye".
56/3: in B major.
57 Romance Moderate e appassionata 1913 Piano
58 Dirge Maestoso 1913 Piano
59 Adventures in Harmony (A Novelette) 1913 Piano Novelette with 6 chapters. Composer's first cluster in musical notation.
60 Sounds from the Conservatory 1913 2 Pianos (8 hands) Intentionally disordered ending to suggest sounds from practice rooms.
61 'Melodie Molto lento e cantabile 1913 Piano
62 Dance Impromptu Moderate 1913 Piano
63 Album Leaflet Agitato 1913 Piano
64 Hash Agitato 1913 Piano
65 Mist Music No. 1 Moderate molto 1913 Piano Used in Creation Dawn (70/17)
66 Mist Music No. 2 Agitato molto - Piu mosso 1913 Piano
67 The Winter Rain Allegro con brio 1913 Piano Pencil draft incomplete
68 Jabberwock Music 1913 Piano Lost. Dedicated to Constance Heron.
69 Eagle Dance 1913 Piano Lost. Written for Mary Austin
70 Music for Creation Dawn 1913 Piano Music for Takeshi Kanno's poetic drama Creation-Dawn (A Vision Drama). Movements:1. Prelude No. 2 (HC32); 2. Prelude (No. 1) after the Style of Bach (HC33); 3. Valse lente (HC34);4. Wrinkle Rag (HC54); 5. Sea Picture (HC98); 6. Bersuse (HC35); 7. Fairys Dance (HC36); 8. Invention quasi Bach (HC37); 9. The Anaemic Rag (HC73); 10. Brownie's Dance (HC38); 11. Romance (HC57); 12. Wedding Music (HC71/2, with violin); 13. Freak de concert (HC30); 14, Love Dance (Valse) (HC55); 15. Wind Spirits' Dance (HC81); 16. Joy Dance (HC40/8); 17. Mist Music No. 1 (HC65); 18. Sunset Music: 19. Fairy's Dance [No. 2]; 20. Thy lily bells . . . ; 21. Extacy; 22. Sad Music; 23. Music for Saavashi; 24. Dance Music for Sagano; 25. Sleepy Music; 26. Extra Music; 27. Moonlight Music [the finale].
71 A Prince Who Was Apart (music for a play) 1913 Violin, Piano Movements: 1. March (lost); 2. Wedding Music
72 Picture 1913 Piano
73 The Anaemic Rag (A Burlesque) Allegro 1913 Piano Dedicated to Beatrice Roife.
74 Rondo Andante maestoso - Meno mosso 1913 Violin, Piano
75 Etude No. 2 Andante con moto; il basso melodio C major 1913 Piano Dedicated to Mrs. Carrington
76 Valse Tempo di Valse 1913 Piano Dedicated to Hilda Hilliard
77 Yankee Doodle with Variations 1913 Piano Lost. Dedicated to Mrs. Carrington
78 Etude 1913 Piano Lost. Dedicated to Mrs. Powers.
78a The Cauldron Allegro moderate maestoso 1913 Piano Written for Miss Kober.
79 For Xmas 1913 Piano Lost. Written for Mrs. Carrington
80 For Flute 1913 Flute Lost. Dedicated to Jaime De Angulo.
81 Sprites' Dance 1913 Piano Sometimes called Wood Sprites' Dance and Wind Spirits' Dance.
Dedicated to Constance Herron.
81a Sprites' Dance 1914 String Quintet (2 Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass)
82 Christmas-thoughts pieces 1913 1913 Piano Movements: 1. Etude-Chimes, Bonnie [Hall]; 2. Xmas Thoughts for Baby, Bobby Hilliard; 3. Reindeer Dance, Dorcas Powers; 4. Xmas Bells, Bernice Place; 5. Xmas Stocking Dance, Polly Powers; 6. Watching for Santa, Fay Murphy; 7. The Tin Soldier, Tippy Williams; 8. The Xmas Tree, Brother, A[...] Powers[?]; 9. Valse, for Fuzzy[?] Hollis (lost); 10. Tarantelle, Mildred Hollis (lost); 11. March, Ruth Hollis (lost); 12. For Phyllis, Phyllis Overstreet (lost).
83 Senate Progressive 1913 Piano Movements: 1. Classic; 2. Romantic; 3. Modern; 4. Humoreske
84 'Orchestra Stucke' [arranged for piano] Larghetto 1913 Piano Dedicated to Christal[?] Mohr
The original orchestral version, if indeed one was written out, seems not to have survived.
85 Cute Dance 1913 Piano Lost. To Polly Powers.
86 Descriptive Piece Molto lento delicato - Allegro vivace non troppo 1913 Piano
87 The Battle Sonata Molto lento delicato - Allegro vivace non troppo 1913 Piano Movements: 1. Adagio appasionata; 2. Finale
Dedicated to Miss Blanche Clarke.
88 The Rippling Rag 1913 Piano Lost
89 [Adagio for piano] 1913? Piano
90 [Lento for piano] 1913? Piano
91 [Andante in A-flat for piano] ca.1913? Piano
92 Jesus was bom at Christmas ca.1913? Voice Song
93 Maternal Love Lento quasi allegretto - Allegro ca.1913? Voice, Piano Song Text Author: Laura Smith Wood
94 "'Theme ["with var. for exercise"]"' 1914 Piano
95 "Maker of Day"' 1914 3 singers, chorus, kettledrums, and piano