Talk:Études de genre pour le piano, Op.16 (Prudent, Émile)

The rating of the scan at 1/10 is a bit hard, as the rating is not supposed to take into account the quality of the edition itself. The printed score I have is very old and very pale (the ink is hardly legible) and I doubt there are ways to make really better B&W scans. I have made many trials before even obtaining this one which is, at least, legible on the screen. This is, I believe, of interest for a score quite difficult to find.--Jean-Séb 09:58, 2 November 2009 (UTC)

Some people who rate things don't seem to pay any attention to the criteria mentioned (which you seem to understand perfectly). I've noticed this in quite a few cases, actually. Personally, I would rate this scan at a 6-7 in light of the dubious printing quality of the original. Even then, it might be a bit strict. Carolus 21:53, 2 November 2009 (UTC)

J'ai eu les mêmes problèmes avec mon scan de Couvre-feu. Maintenant je crois comprendre pourquoi les bibliothèques du Sheet Music Consortium offrent des scans en couleur ou en niveau de gris. Enfin, nos scans permettront aux râleurs de ressaisir ces deux morceaux avec leur logiciel de gravure musicale, s'ils en ont le courage ! Coulonnus 8:00, 9 June 2010