Talk:Études et Sonates (Brod, Henri)

May have been (if I interpret a Worldcat listing aright...) originally published as part of Méthode pour le hautbois in 1830s and given the title Études et sonates (or 24 Etudes et 6 Grandes sonates) with republication in 1951?... - not sure. This may not be the original title or collection, anycase. Does seem to be for oboe solo and not oboe and any accompanying instrument or (anachronistic by 1830 admittedly though perhaps not in a teaching method) continuo; no form of preview material seems available online to check however, will have to go to a library that contains the work to be sure... - Schissel

I am in the process of acquiring this volume for a comparison. I suspect the same thing but will leave this as-is until I can be more sure. Daphnis 15:37, 24 January 2011 (UTC)